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"How to Make Scented Candles Using Essential Oils" PLR | Beeswax Candle Making PLR - 1500+ words

Hi there, friends! Do you publish content to the Health and Wellness, Essential Oils, Crunchy Moms, and Holiday audiences? I've got some really neat Essential Oils PLR articles for you to offer them. I just researched and wrote up 1,500+ words on how to make homemade, scented candles from beeswax and essential oils.


This content goes perfectly with our Essential Oil Holiday Blend Recipes PLR

I originally intended those EO holiday PLR recipes to be used with an essential oils diffuser (another great affiliate product to promote, by the way). But then I got to thinking, what else can these delicious, all-natural holiday scents made from essential oils be used for?

Candle making seemed like the obvious next step. So here's some informative and instructional, prewritten candle-making content for you to publish and share.

Here's a sample of the content now:

Homemade Essential Oil Candles Make Great Holiday Gifts

If your blog readers, newsletter subscribers and social media fans are on the hunt for homemade, natural products to make gifts from the heart this Christmas holiday season... direct them to these detailed instructions on candle-making at home using just a handful of simple items that they can purchase right on Amazon.

(Here's a link to an Amazon search on Beeswax Candle Making to get you started.)


Why are Essential Oil Scented Candles So Popular?

Because there's a growing population of individuals who either don't want their families to breathe in artificial, chemical-based scents, or they get migraines from regular scented, paraffin candles.

Essential oils are a clean, nontoxic and HEALTHY way to fill your home with amazing Christmas scents while also delivering a big boost of aromatherapy and healing benefits.

Plus, everyone loves to wind down at the end of a busy day with a flickering candle and a pleasant aroma to sniff up and enjoy.

This "How to Make Scented Candles Using Essential Oils" PLR pack includes:

• How to Make Scented Candles Using Essential Oils
• Essential Oil Candle Aromatherapy Really Works
• What is Needed to Make Candles at Home (Things to Know About Beeswax and Wicks)
• What Types of Candle Containers to Use in Your Homemade Essential Oil Candles
• Types of Candle Wicks
• Candle Making Supplies
• How to Make Beeswax Candles in Seven Easy Steps
• Add Some Festive Holiday Touches to Your Homemade Beeswax Candles

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