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Hey, my busy marketer friend! Dina from Wordfeeder here. Unless you just landed here from outer space, you probably know that the Ketogenic Diet is one of the most sought-after weight loss topics on the web right now.

Your health and wellness and weight loss audiences are voraciously gobbling up every bit of info they can get their hands and eyeballs on about the Ketogenic Diet.

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Ketogenic Diet, Facts and Stats:

Officially trending with Silicon Valley's Elite as of spring 2017


Named one of the hottest health and wellness trends to watch for in 2017


Touted as a dieting alternative for diabetics and obesity


Introducing the "Let's Go Keto!" PLR Pack: Help Yourself to a Healthy Serving of Ketogetic Diet PLR from Wordfeeder

I wrote these Ketogenic Diet articles this morning and the words flew from my fingers. (No, that doesn't always happen - but it did today.) Why? Because my husband's been eating Keto for nearly a year now, and he lost 40 pounds probably within the first 3 months and has kept it off.

He reads and listens to everything he can get his hands on in the way of nutritional information, recipe ideas, nifty keto factoids, and whatever else. Then he somehow transmits it to my brain in the form of an ongoing ketogenic dialogue that I get to mentally digest while eating my own, carbohydrate-rich dinners! ;)

One man's low-carb obsession can become another person's bread and butter (man, I can't stop with the food references today). I'm here to transfer all of this amazing ketogenic dieting information from my husband to me to you. (And yes, of course I did a little fact-checking before I hit publish!)

So if you're ready to dish up some ketogenic diet article, blog post and ebook goodness, then check out what's included in Wordfeeder's "Let's Go Keto!" PLR content pack:

  • How to Approach the Ketogenic Diet So You Won't Be Tempted to Cheat
  • Tips for Staying on Top of Your New, Carb-Free Eating Plan
  • What Foods Contain Carbs? What Foods Don't?
  • What to Eat on the Ketogenic Diet
  • What to Eat For Breakfast on the Ketogenic Diet
  • What to Eat for Lunch on the Ketogenic Diet
  • What to Eat for Dinner on the Ketogenic Diet
  • What Else Can I Eat While on Keto?
  • Interesting Things That May Happen if You Go Keto
  • What if I Cheat While on the Ketogenic Diet?
  • Conclusion


Why Publish Ketogenic Diet Articles?

This is a HOT, HOT topic! The response I got when I put the word out that the Let's Go Keto! articles were ready was IMMEDIATE. So now I'm planning on putting together a more comprehensive collection of Ketogenic Diet articles, both from Wordfeeder and from other, trusted PLR partners. When it's ready, I will definitely email you. So make sure you're on the list by signing up for my free Wordfeeder membership if you haven't already.

For now… I have this wonderful content for you to sell or give away as an ebook, set up as an autoresponder ecourse, publish on your blog and make affiliate income on the following related items…

  • Ketogenic Diet books and videos
  • Books on No Carb and Low Carb eating
  • No Carb and Low Carb Cookbooks
  • Mineral supplements
  • Keto test strips
  • Supplies like mini coolers, freezer packs, glass storage containers
  • Digital scales
  • Xylitol sugar substitute
  • Good oils like coconut, avocado, olive and others


How to Access Your Ketogenic Diet PLR Articles:

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THANKS for purchasing PLR content from Wordfeeder. I hope you find value in this excellent quality Ketogenic Diet content that I've created for you. And THANK YOU for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!