Low Carb Desserts PLR - 10 Recipes Total - with PLR Rights to Publish as Your own - with FREE Bonus Images

Your low-carb readers will Appreciate these Keto-friendly Recipes that are Easy to make and Delicious.

Need some great recipes for sweet treats to satisfy a sweet tooth for your low-carb audience? Even if your readers are religiously following the low-carb diet, and even if you generally don't post very many keto desserts.... your audience will eventually want to hear what kinds of dessert possibilities are out there for them to enjoy. Sometimes, when it comes to your keto audience, you just have got to let them eat cake. ;)

Here's a nice pack of easy-to-make recipes for low carb desserts to try and share in your blog. All with private label rights to make ebooks, publish blog posts, turn into an email series, add images and pin... whatever you can think of!

If you want to give them some Keto PLR dessert Recipes to devour and come back for seconds, thirds and more…

then help yourself to a slice of multi-billion-dollar profit potential with this PLR pack of ebook, article, ecourse or blog content containing mouthwatering, healthy recipes.

Ketogenic Diet, Facts and Stats:

Officially trending with Silicon Valley's Elite as of spring 2017


Named one of the hottest health and wellness trends to watch for in 2017


Touted as a dieting alternative for diabetics and obesity


A total of 10 original recipes - 2,000+ words of PLR keto recipe content with private label rights to publish as your own. File deliverable is an MS Word document, arriving instantly via email upon receipt of online payment. Log in to your Wordfeeder PLR membership account any time to re-download this or any other file in your account!


Low Carb Desserts Recipes - 1800+ words plus BONUS Images - Large JPG files

This pack of PLR recipes includes the following titles:

  1. Keto Blackberry Popsicles
  2. Keto Friendly Chocolate Brownies
  3. Keto Lemon Cheesecake Recipe
  4. Decadent Chocolate Keto Cake
  5. Raspberry Cream Keto Dessert
  6. Keto Healthful Fudge Recipe
  7. Low Carb Strawberry Mousse Recipe
  8. Nutty Buddy Chocolate Keto Bombs
  9. Keto Lemon Bars
  10. Raspberry Low Carb Gelatin Dessert

(Sorry, I do not stage or take pictures of the recipes but you are welcome to customize this content and do so yourself!)

Here's a screen shot sample of the content you'll be receiving:

Why Publish Ketogenic Diet Rcipes and Articles?

This is a HOT, HOT topic! The response I got when I put the word out that the Let's Go Keto! articles were ready was IMMEDIATE. Be sure you're on my list to hear when ALL the keto content is ready for you to customize and share on your own blog, or as ebooks.

Right now I have this wonderful, brand new recipe content for you to sell or give away as an ebook, set up as an autoresponder recipe series, publish on your blog and make affiliate income.

Here are some other ideas for GREAT Amazon products that your keto readers will be interested in ordering...

  • Ketogenic Diet books and videos
  • Books on No Carb and Low Carb eating
  • No Carb and Low Carb Cookbooks
  • Mineral supplements
  • Keto test strips
  • Supplies like mini coolers, freezer packs, glass storage containers
  • Digital scales
  • Xylitol sugar substitute
  • Good oils like coconut, avocado, olive and others
  • Mirataki noodles
  • Meat thermometers
  • Slow cookers and crock pots; Instant Pots and off-brands of other electric cookers

What can you do with this and other content that we share on Wordfeeder?


These recipes are being sold as PLR - Private Label Rights Content. That means that you get to edit, change, brand, and publish them under your own name in the following ways:

As blog posts or website articles. Posting a series on a single topic that you cover for a full month is a great way to get targeted readers. Share links to your blog on social as well!

As posts shared on social media. If you host a group online, it helps to post information your readers want and need. Post your recipes and articles there with a link back to your blog.

As an ebook that you share to grow your list. An opt-in gift is a common way to get more people interested in you and what you do.

As a PDF cookbook that you sell under your own brand name.

As a recipe series or cooking course sent via email or hosted privately in an online conference room or private social media group such as Facebook

Other Great Ideas for Using Wordfeeder's PLR Content to Create Profit:

Create an email and social media challenge (think 30-day challenge, or 21-day challenge)

Set up email courses or an email series of tips. Autoresponders can be sent out every day for 5 days, every week for 4 weeks, or however you'd like to set yours up to go out automatically after people sign up.

Design and post Pins. An eye-catching infographic and compelling lead-in brings them from Pinterest to your blog where they can learn more and sign up for your list!

Make PowerPoint presentations - slide by slide, file delivered via link in an email.

Create video slide shows. One short blurb or tip per slide, set to music, with images, works great.

Launch video tutorials - featuring you as the teacher, speaking about a topic. You can share the videos publicly to get known in your field. And you can also offer an upgrade option for people who may want a more in-depth learning experience.

How to Access Your Keto PLR Recipes:

File delivery is a single, MS Word document, zipped and delivered via email. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your membership, and another email that contains the file/content you just paid for. Your file will also be available from the member area of our Wordfeeder website. So don't forget to put your login info in a safe place!

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