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How to Make PLR Look and Sound Like You

Here are some MUST-KNOW TIPS for making PLR content look and sound like you:

Change titles and headlines. Example: "Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course" becomes "I Believe in Me Self Discovery Challenge".

Edit to reflect your values. It's the same as paying a ghostwriter $50 an hour and then revamping what she wrote to include your ideas. Only PLR is SO MUCH more economical!

Switch the points around. The best way to do this is to have the PLR document on the left, and a new, blank document on the right. On the blank doc, isolate the main outline of the ebook or course you're creating. Then flip back and forth from your PLR content to your new draft, and insert the relevant points here and there.

Cut, paste, move, delete, rewrite. You can one PLR content pack in a multitude of ways. A set of 15 articles can become an email challenge, an ebook, seven blog posts, a video slide show, or all of the above. Just get used to grabbing snippets of content and expanding upon the ideas, or cutting excess wording. 

NOTE: If this sounds like work to you, you can pay people like me by the hour to do it for you :)! Reach out to me any time.

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