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Hi here, I'm Dina and I own Wordfeeder PLR. Are you in search of really good articles covering the topic of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? This is a highly targeted niche topic in the field of health and wellness that will get you all kinds of good affiliate income.

People with multiple chemical sensitivity comprise a small and narrow niche. Though it's small, this is a HOT market with tons of moneymaking potential. These folks can't find relief for their debilitating symptoms that are not recognized by world medical organizations as a legit illness. They are at their wit's end... they NEED to find cures for what ails them, and your website can be the answer.

Without support from a regular doctor, many people with multiple chemical sensitivities can't afford holistic doctors because their insurance doesn't cover this type of treatment. So, off to the internet they go, in search of information, understanding, cures, and especially, all kinds of fixes.

Take advantage of a great price on our SECOND pack of PLR articles covering the topic "Living and Coping With MCS"!

In addition to the six articles on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that I wrote yesterday, I went ahead and created a second pack of more than 4,000 words. If you think you'd like to create a niche site that targets this segment of the health and wellness market with books, supplements, remedies and products to help them find relief from their chronic condition and all the unpleasant symptoms associated with it, then I'm here for you! I'll keep on writing if you keep on buying!

The articles in my MCS PLR content pack come with tons of opps for online moneymaking potential, including...

BOOKS on yoga, meditation, lessening toxins in the environment, multiple chemical sensitivity


EQUIPMENT such as air purifiers, essential oils misters, yoga mats and yoga blocks, vegetable juicers


REMEDIES such as herbs for relaxation and insomnia, herbs to help detox the body


VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS such as B for nerves, antixodants, priobiotics for leaky gut and candida


NATURAL PRODUCTS such as green cleaning products and ingredients to make them, essential oils and carrier oils, nontoxic and natural hair and skincare, and more

What's included in Wordfeeder's MCS PLR Article PACK 2?

"Living and Coping With MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)" article content includes:

4,091 words total. Article titles are:

• Do Hormones Play a Part in Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?
• Healing Leaky Gut for MCS Relief
• Surviving the Holidays with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
• Chemical Sensitivity and Off-Gassing: Using Heat to Rid New Products of Chemicals


How to make this content work for you?

Turn it into an ebook that you sell or offer for free in exchange for email sign-ups


Set it up as an autoresponder series, with suggested products that people can buy through your aff link


Publish as individual blog posts to drive traffic to your MCS niche website


Offer as a private course for your online support group of MCS sufferers


Set it up to publish a series of six newsletters that speak to the health and wellness or environmental crowd!


Here's a sample of the content, so you can get a feel for the writing voice and quality of included information:



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