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"Living and Coping With MCS" - PLR Articles for Download, perfect Niche Starter Pack!

I just finished writing six articles on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I'm excited for the possibilities of how you can profit by publishing them. People who suffer from chemical sensitivities are definitely on the hunt for books, supplements, remedies and products to help them find relief from their chronic condition and all the unpleasant symptoms associated with it.

The articles in my MCS PLR content pack come with tons of ideas for online moneymaking potential, including...

BOOKS on yoga, meditation, lessening toxins in the environment, multiple chemical sensitivity


EQUIPMENT such as air purifiers, essential oils misters, yoga mats and yoga blocks, vegetable juicers


REMEDIES such as herbs for relaxation and insomnia, herbs to help detox the body


VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS such as B for nerves, antixodants, priobiotics for leaky gut and candida


NATURAL PRODUCTS such as green cleaning products and ingredients to make them, essential oils and carrier oils, nontoxic and natural hair and skincare, and more

What's included in this pack of PLR articles on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS?

"Living and Coping With MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)" article content includes:

Six articles - 3,802 words total. Article titles are:

• What is MCS?
• Toxic Overload and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
• How to Reduce the Amount of Environmental Toxins in Your Home
• Daily Self Care Practices that May Decrease Your Chemical Sensitivity
• Survival Tips for Living With MCS
• Packing for a Vacation When You're Chemically Sensitive


What can you do with this content?

Turn it into an ebook that you sell or offer for free in exchange for email sign-ups


Set it up as an autoresponder series, with suggested products that people can buy through your aff link


Publish as individual blog posts to drive traffic to your MCS niche website


Offer as a private course for your online support group of MCS sufferers


Set it up to publish a series of six newsletters that speak to the health and wellness or environmental crowd!


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