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October 2019 ARticles, Set 1: REleased and Already inside of your Member Account.


Boost Your Brain Power PLR - 15 articles - 7,423 words total

Contents Include:

1. Boost Your Brain Power, Live Each Day to the Fullest
2. Skilled Hands, Agile Mind: Crafting Improves Brain Health
3. Feed Your Mind: Cooking Boosts Brain Health
4. Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Your Brain
5. Smart Phone, Smarter Brain: How to Use Computers to Enhance Brain Function
6. Learning a New Language Translates to Better Brain Health
7. Dance Your Way to Improved Brain Function
8. Writing is Really Good for Your Brain
9. Want to Think Faster? Travel More
10. Your Brain Eats Books for Breakfast: Discover How Reading Improves Mental Function
11. Yoga Helps You Think, Improves Brain Health
12. Your Brain Thrives on Music
13. Want a Smarter Brain? Go Outside
14. Caring for Pets is Healthy for Your Brain
15. How Do Naps Improve Brain Function?

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The follow-up set of 15 additional life coaching/mental health articles for the last 2 weeks of October covers the topic of Boundaries. This content has been released as of October 17! You'll find it in your member account as soon as you log in.

October 2019 ARticles, Set 2: REleased and Already inside of your Member Account.

Boundaries and Your Relationships - 15 articles - 6,608 words total

  1. What Are Boundaries?
  2. Types of Boundaries
  3. Children of Narcissists, and Boundaries
  4. Identifying Boundary-Violating Behavior
  5. Boundaries in Relationships: What Does Trust Have to Do With It?
  6. Are You Co-dependent? Signs Your Boundaries Are Weak
  7. How to Establish Better Boundaries
  8. How Do Boundaries Help to Improve Your Relationships
  9. Giving and Taking: What do Boundaries Have to Do With It?
  10. Real-Life Examples of Boundary Violations
  11. Let's Talk About Emotional Boundaries
  12. Physical Boundaries: Your Invisible Force Field
  13. Boundaries, Bullies and Body Language
  14. How to Re-Establish Boundaries With a Boundary Violator
  15. "How Strong Are Your Boundaries" Quiz

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November 2019 Articles, Set 1 - RELEASED and inside of your member account:

"How to Be Peaceful at Home" - 7,466 words - 15 ARTICLES

Searching for high quality private label rights content covering the topic of Peacefulness with home and family? Download How to Be Peaceful at Home - 15 articles - 7,466 words total.

Titles include:
1. Peace at Home: Keeping Quiet Spaces
2. What Does Peace Mean to You?
3. Peace at Home Means Making Time for Different Activities
4. For a Peaceful Home, Be Active During the Day
5. Peace at Home Begins with Common Courtesy
6. Want a Peaceful Home? Offer Respect and Benefit of the Doubt
7. Avoiding Unnecessary Conversations Helps Keep Peace at Home
8. Limit Screen Time, Keep a Peaceful Home
9. Peaceful Activities to Replace Screen Time
10. Pets Bring Peace to Your Home
11. Evening Yoga for a Peaceful, Restful Bedtime
12. Peaceful Home: What to Do When Conversations Become Confusing
13. Prayer and Brings Peace to the Family Home
14. What Does a Healthy Diet Have to Do With Peace at Home?
15. Making Peace at Home Starts With You

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November 2019 Articles, Set 2:

Gratitude as Positive Psychology - 15 articles, 8K+ words, RELEASED!

1. Gratitude as Positive Psychology
2. Powerful Ways that Gratitude Can Improve Your Life and Health
3. Learning to Love Yourself Means Practicing Gratitude
4. How Does a Gratitude Practice Rewire Your Brain?
5. Can Gratitude Set You on the Path to Your "Flow?"
6. Daily Gratitude Reduces Worry and Fear, Increases Hope and Optimism
7. 5 Simple but Powerful Gratitude Habits to Practice Daily
8. Going Deep with Your Gratitude Practice Means Embracing Both the Bad and the Good
9. Pass the Gratitude, Please: 5 Simple but Powerful Gratitude Habits to Practice Daily
10. Small Gestures of Gratitude Have a Ripple Effect
11. Gratitude as an Empowerment Tool
12. Mindfulness, Gratitude and the Next Generation
13. How to Approach a Family Gratitude Practice
14. Gratitude, and the Art of Searching Out Happy
15. Gratitude Does Not Mean Obligation

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December 2019 Articles, Set 1: Peaceful Holiday Season. 15 Articles, 7400+ words - released

Titles include:

1. What Does Peace Mean to You?
2. Why Has Peacefulness Become Such a Challenge?
3. Seeking Peace for the Holidays
4. 5 Ways to Cultivate Peace in Your Family
5. 5 Ways to Create Peace in Your Neighborhood
6. How to Communicate Peacefully
7. Find Peace in the Great Outdoors
8. 5 Habits of Peaceful People
9. Can Pets Help Us Discover Peace?
10. Practice Mindful Conversations in the Name of Peace
11. How to Lessen the Chaos and Increase the Peace in Your Home
12. Share Peace During a Meal
13. Follow Your Heart to Peaceful People
14. Help Kids Spread Peace
15. Self Care Keeps Us Peaceful Inside

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