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June 12, 2019:


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Hey, guys. Dina from Wordfeeder here. As promised, I've written up a nice chunk of health and beauty-themed content for you to use on your website and in your information products. It's 11 articles plus a brief intro to use in an ebook, for a grand total of 6,718 words. Delivery is a zipped, MS Word document that will arrive via email.

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Natural Beauty Secrets for Women in Their 40s - 11 Articles Total, 6,718 words

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  1. Minerals: The Secret Reason Some Women in Their 40s Look Better Than Others
  2. Do Healthy Fats Help You Look Younger?
  3. Life-Giving Enzymes for Beautiful Skin, Bright Eyes, Softer Hair
  4. You Can't Beat a Good Night's Sleep for Looking Your Best in Your 40s
  5. Natural Diuretics: Best Kept Beauty Secret for Women in Their 40s
  6. Yoga for a Double Chin, Jowls, Tighter Neck: Natural Beauty Secrets for Women in Their 40s
  7. Natural Skincare Secrets in the 40s
  8. Makeup and Hair Tips for Women in their 40s
  9. Homemade, Natural Skin Treatments and Recipes
  10. Natural Hair Color Methods to Get Rid of Grays
  11. Other Tips for Retaining Your Youthful Appearance at 40


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