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Natural Cures for Insomnia PLR Articles & Social Posts

Hey there, it's Dina from Wordfeeder PLR here. Do your readers have trouble getting and staying asleep? They're not the only ones!

According to an online information source called The Good Body:

Over-the-counter insomnia medicines were once all the rage... until people caught on that these so-called safe insomnia cures are actually highly addicting. Not to mention, the sleeping pill "hangover" which can result in grogginess upon waking that can last well into the morning commute to work, and loss of at least half the morning's productivity on the job.

Can you say not worth the risk? Your readers can. And that's why they're looking for a better, safer way to manage their sleeplessness.

Your Readers Want and Need Natural Cures for Insomnia!

We have articles already written, for you to make into an ebook, series of emails, blog posts and more.

This is prewritten content for you to publish as your own: Natural Cures for Insomnia PLR Articles & Social Posts, PLUS FREE Bonus Images

Remember those home remedies that Grandma used to have for curing insomnia naturally? A glass of warm milk, and such. Well, your readers want to read about natural and holistic helpers that help regulate the body clock when it's gone out of whack. Natural cures for insomnia is definitely an evergreen topic that people will always be searching for online.

Here's a great package of content to share on your blog, in your newsletter, as a download, or via social media.

what's included in Wordfeeder's Natural Cures for Insomnia PLR Article pack

Below find the list of titles:

  1. Yoga for Insomnia
  2. Balance Your Nervous System Before Sleep
  3. Meditation for Insomnia
  4. Eat Healthier if You Want to Sleep Better
  5. Herbal Teas for Insomnia
  6. Healthy Living Practices to Ensure a Good Night's Rest
  7. Stress Reduction to Help Cure Insomnia
  8. Hormone Imbalance and Insomnia
  9. Exercise as a Cure for Insomnia

You also get...

15 Social Media Posts covering Natural Cures for Insomnia

These posts are designed to offer a "teaser" tip to your social media fans and followers and make them want to click through to your blog article.

Here's a sample of the social posts you get with this pack:

26 Insomnia-Related Images - STock Free and Ebook, website, blog or email-ready

As a bonus, I've added 26 private label rights images of insomnia-related items such as herbal teas, fields of lavender, people and animals sleeping, essential oils, massage, yoga, and much more. These are beautiful quality, high resolution images that you can edit, brand and add to your blog, ebook, emails, social media posts and videos.

You can add these images to an ebook that covers Natural Cures for Insomnia. They're FREE when you purchase these insomnia articles from Wordfeeder.


Want a sample of this Health and Wellness content focusing on Natural Cures for Insomnia? Here you go:

And here's a screen shot of the newly added images that are now FREE with purchase:

Here's how you can make money online by way of these high quality, health and wellness articles:

Offer health coaching sessions and group sessions
Add Amazon health products and start earning passive income
Suggest natural sleep aid products that you find on Amazon or other sites
with affiliate programs
Create a natural remedies for better sleep ebook that you sell or giveaway
to build your list
Offer an e-course version of the same ebook content
Add this content to a book that you may be writing on healthy holistic living.

Publish product reviews on items that help people relax and sleep better
such as Tempur-pedic mattresses, memory foam, special pillows, yoga mats,
aromatherapy, teas, and much more


Don't miss this special offer for 26 FREE Images with this high quality private label rights content.


A complete content package like this would run you hundreds or more to have custom-created for your business. But today you can grab this beautiful set of PLR articles, social posts and bonus images for mere dollars. Don't let this one get away!

Now $17

Did You Know? You also get a TON of FREE PLR articles inside your Wordfeeder member area. Once you check out, be sure to log in and look in the top menu under FREE PLR.

How to Access Your PLR Articles:

File arrives via email upon receipt of online payment. Download again and again from your member account for the lifetime of your membership which is free to sign up. THANKS for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!