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Selling Habits of Very High Online Income Earners

One of my favorite ways to gain new selling insights online is by observing people. I watch for what seemingly successful marketers DO rather than say. Or, maybe I consider what they say but then compare what they're suggesting others do to what THEY actually do.

One of the very high-income earning bloggers sends me mail. One thing I always notice is the way she arranges her message. First, she talks about how she's been able to generate millions with her blog and that's allowed her the freedom to do X, Y, and Z. Then, in the next breath she tells her reader that she's offering a course that they will only have a very limited window of opportunity to get in on at this particular price. With likely millions on her list, she is bound to prosper GREATLY just from sharing a course in this manner, for a limited time only.

Just goes back to the old internet adage, The Money is in the List. So part 1 of her message gets people ON the list if they're not already. Part 2 of her message gets them buying. It's interesting, what I observe. Some methods will work for you, while others may not. Or, they may not work now... but later on, when you have more subscribers, they will. The point is, keep studying, observing and trying. Find out what work for you, and do more of it!

The other day I mentioned that I had gotten some articles going for you to benefit from. The size of your list WILL depend on how well the following profit-generating activities will yield for you. Think about it, you can pitch a $5 tee shirt to 4 people and make $20. Or you can show it to 1 million people, and even if only 20% become your customers, you're making... um, what's the number? My brain doesn't process this many zeros.

Ways to make money via your blog:   

Anyone who's experienced with internet marketing has heard the phrase, "The Money is in the List." It means that the people whose email addresses you collect along the way will become your buyers. Yes, people buy all kinds of stuff online! All you have to do is start emailing them products that they're already interested in.

Share affiliate links to products that your readers would be interested in buying. So if your readers are exercise buffs, then if you work up a review of some hot new workout clothes, and then share images of the clothing along with Amazon links that are tagged to your affiliate account… you make money each time someone buys.

Write or put together ebooks (using prewritten content) on topics that your readers would want to learn about. So if you're an essential oils distributor, your ebook could be on Essential Oil Blends to Boost Immunity During Cold and Flu Season.

To sell the ebook, you'll need to set up an account with a site like E-Junkie.com, as well as have an active business PayPal account. This way, no matter what time of day it is and no matter whether you're near a computer or not… when someone buys your ebook online, they will automatically receive their own copy via email.

Promote other people's ebooks and courses. The person whose ebook it is should already have an affiliate program for you to join. If they do not, you probably won't have an easy time trying to keep track of any sales of their book that come through from you. So definitely look for people in complimentary fields who have great stuff to sell, along with a ready-to-go affiliate program. An example: if you're a yoga expert, you might become an affiliate of an ebook that comes from a meditation or massage expert.

Add pay per click HTML code to the sidebar of your blog, and add it to the end of your blog post. If you sign up for Google AdSense, you'll be able to log in, custom create a simple PPC ad, then their software generates unique HTML code for you to copy and paste into the sidebar of your blog. When people click, you make money.

Promote your own services. Lots of service providers do very well marketing their businesses via a blog online. What you do is create posts that contain great information that your readers will definitely want to know about. At the bottom of your helpful article, share a short, 2 or 3-line bio and briefly discuss the types of services you offer, along with a way to get in touch. Then, share a lead-in and a link to your blog posts with your social media network of connections.

Host courses and classes. A great hands-off approach to running an online course simply is to set up an autoresponder series of emails. This sounds a lot harder than it is. Just create a series of articles that teach someone something (refer to knitting example for an idea). Then, paste each article, one at a time, into its own email and set it up as an autoresponder that releases over a course of several days or even weeks, in your email marketing manager such as Aweber. Other types of courses could be a private Mastermind that you host on Facebook or an online zoom room; or perhaps a daily video instructional could hold high value for your readers.