Oil Pulling PLR Articles - 9 Total, 2,774 Words

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Great news! I just put the final touches on a brand new set of holistic health articles covering the topic of Oil Pulling.


Lots of people want to know if oil pulling is something they should add to their daily health regimen. They want to know...

  • Does oil pulling heal cavities?
  • Will oil pulling improve mouth health?
  • Does oil pulling improve your health in other ways?
  • How do I oil-pull?
  • What oils are best for oil pulling?

...and many more questions. Wordfeeder has the answers, and YOU get to publish this content as part of your health and wellness arsenal of information!

Here's What's Included: Oil Pulling PLR Articles - 9 Total, 2,774 words

This private label rights content on oil pulling gives you 9 short articles that are just right for blog posting, combining into an ebook, or offering as an autoresponder series. Please note that as with all natural health content, you MUST disclaim the information wherever it appears. Disclaimer verbiage is included with your PLR content pack. This oil pulling PLR pack includes 9 articles and 2,774 words covering:

1. What is Oil Pulling?
2. How Does Oil Pulling Work?
3. What is the Exact Method of Oil Pulling for Mouth Health?
4. Oil Pulling Tips and Hints
5. What Type of Oil Should I Use for Oil Pulling?
6. Are there any cautions or contraindications with oil pulling as a general health and hygiene practice?
7. What are the Benefits of Oil Pulling?
8. What Ailments and Conditions Can Oil Pulling Treat?
9. Can Children Do Oil Pulling Safely?

Here's a Screen Shot Sample of the Content so You Can Get an Idea of The Quality:

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