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Updated for 2021: "Wise Woman's Way" Stay-Home Survival Guide for Fall and Winter - More than 13,500 words


The Ultimate Planning, Prepping and Home Organization Crash Course for Back-to-Virtual OR Hybrid School, Work-from-Home, and Too Much Togetherness All Rolled into One


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  1. Mask Detail for School-Aged Kids
  2. Social Distancing at School Best Practices to Teach Kids
  3. Home Organization is Key for Moms of School-Age Kids During Quarantine
  4. How Will Decluttering Help You Survive Partial or Total Home Schooling?
  5. Tackle Home Organization in Prep for Hybrid or Virtual School
  6. Streamline Your Approach to Making, Serving & Cleaning Up after Meals During Your Virtual or Hybrid Home Schooling Year
  7. Take Control of Tech, Space Out Screen Time, Save Your Sanity
  8. Set Grocery Shopping Goals During Quarantine
  9. Limit Screen Time During Virtual School
  10. 5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Stop the Spread of Germs
  11. Stock Your Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies for the Coming Winter
  12. It Takes a Village to Survive During a Pandemic
  13. Common Sense Practices for Families to Prevent the Spread of Germs
  14. The Feng Shui of Quarantine: Space-Saving and Sanity-Saving Suggestions for Your Stay-at-Home Lifestyle
  15. Mutual Respect Goes a Long Way for Surviving Extreme Togetherness Under One Roof


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Productivity PLR: "Wise Woman's Way" Productivity Hacks"

58 Helpful Tips to Share on Your Blog, Social Media, TikTok, Pinterest & More

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In this instant-download MS Word document containing 5,250 words, you'll find 58 productivity tips in total covering the following topics:

  • Around-the-House Helpers
  • Meal Management
  • Dish Duty
  • Time Savers 101
  • Self Care is Essential
  • Technology Tips
  • Streamline and Simplify
  • Beauty Busters
  • Out and About

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