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Should You Post Christmas and Holiday Content in Your Blog and Social Pages as a Way to Capture Some Sweet Holiday Market Share?

(Short Answer: Hell Yes, You Should!)

Good morning from Dina at Wordfeeder! Do you wonder if it's worth trying to publish holiday-themed content on your blog as a way to keep profits funneling in? Of course it is.

Just think of all the holiday related action that's about to happen on Facebook, Pinterest, and other sharing sites like these. Christmas is the biggest moneymaker of the entire year. Don't snooze on this one, or you'll be kicking yourself later!

Grab Some Terrific Holiday Stress Articles Right Now - This is Done-for-You Content That's Ready to Go

I have a terrific package of PLR content that will come in handy for your holiday publishing. The theme of this 10-article package containing more than 10,200 words is Holiday Stress. You can use this to whip up a quick ebook that you sell for a low price point or give away to get more readers on your list. The articles are lively, entertaining, and an easy, fun read.

The content would work for life coaches and self help experts, home and family bloggers, mental health professionals, holiday bloggers, or self care experts.

Holiday Stress PLR - 10 Articles Total, About 1,000 words Each Give or Take

Included titles:

1. Finding it in Our Hearts to be Kind This Christmas Season
2. Married Christmas: Coping with Spousal Stress This Holiday Season
3. Holiday Stress Coping Skills and Great Ideas for Working Moms
4. Holiday Stress Survival Tips for Introverts
5. How Much is Too Much Holiday Fun? Setting Limits During the Busiest Time of Year So We Can Enjoy More and Stress Less
6. How to Ease Family Stress Around the Holidays
7. Just Say No to Holiday Stress
8. Self Care Rituals to Unwind During the Busy Holiday Season
9. Surefire Ways to Avoid Holiday Gift Related Stress and Confusion
10. Take the Stress Out of Christmas Shopping

What Would You Do if You Wanted to Make Money With This?

This is the kind of content that, when paired with a compelling image, would get passed around and shared on social media. Take a look at the writing sample posted on the sales page to get an idea for yourself.

I would suggest that if you post them to your blog, log into Amazon and match up the themes with some related products. For example, when you share the one about holiday stress relief for introverts, you can include links to books on survival for introverts. The self care article works perfectly with yoga accessories, books and apparel, essential oils for relaxation.

Being totally transparent here, this content was first released a little less than a year ago, during the busy holiday 2018 season. A few people bought these a la carte. If you were one of them, thank you! Do not order this pack as you probably already have at least some of the articles in it. But if you don't have it, now is the time to stock up. There is PLENTY of life left in this content!

Take advantage of the great price now so you can have these in your content collection in time for holiday posting.


If you make these into an ebook, you can also pick up the additional Christmas PLR packs that I listed at checkout. So you'd post one set of articles as the ebook, and the other as blog posts to drive traffic to the ebook sales page. Neat!

Regularly $17

NOW $12

Coupon code to use is HOLIDAYSTRESS. Offer expires after November 12, 2019.

Go here to read the full sales page, check out writing samples, and order.

Or just check out now using the Buy Button above. I've included some other great, December themed content packs there in the lineup, too. ;)


Thanks for reading and make today profitable and productive!
Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

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