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"Raising a Compassionate Child" PLR Article 10-Pack 



Greetings, content publisher! Are you in search of high quality PLR articles and blog posts to share with your home and family, parenting, relationships or mental health audience?

This is Dina from Wordfeeder PLR, and I have a thoughtfully written, information-rich, high quality PLR pack for you. It's a 10-pack of PLR articles written by my talented friend, Stephanie Watson. Steph's PLR articles cover the timely topic of raising compassionate children in today's uncertain world.

Let's face it... societal problems begin at home with family, and that's what this PLR pack covers in detail.

Reach the Parenting, Psychology or Home and Family Audiences with this Pre-written Blog or Ebook Content

If you blog to any of the above named audiences, then you may struggle with talking about how as both as a society and as parents, we can instill a sense of empathy in our children that they will carry with them to adulthood. If you'd like to weigh in on the topic in an intelligent, non finger pointing, non blaming way, these thoughtfully written articles will help.

Raising a Compassionate Child PLR Pack 1: Here's What's Included

6,939 words total, perfect for use as individual blog posts or website articles, ebook content, newsletter articles, or social media posts.

Titles include:

  1. Why Today's Kids Are More Self-Focused

  2. How to Teach Empathy to Your Kids

  3. Pets Can Help Kids Learn Empathy

  4. Using Technology for Good, Not Harm

  5. Living by the Golden Rule

  6. 6 Ways to Practice Kindness at Home

  7. 7 Ways to Raise a Child Who Cares About Others

  8. 5 Proven Strategies for Fostering Empathy in Children

  9. 4 Activities to Help Kids Practice Empathy

  10. How to Raise Empathetic Children

Deliverable is an MS Word file that arrives via email upon receipt of payment. You will also be able to access your document each time you log into the private Wordfeeder member area.

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How to Access Your PLR Articles:

File arrives via email upon receipt of online payment. Download again and again from your member account for the lifetime of your membership which is free to sign up. THANKS for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!