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Resell Digital Products: The Basics of Launching Courses, Selling Ebooks and Profiting from Printables

Hello! Glad you've found Wordfeeder. You're likely curious about money to be made by creating, selling, and reselling digital products.

First, let's cover digital products. What are these? This is a broad category, but it basically has to do with information taught and shared on the internet. This is the "information highway," and it's where people go when they need information about pretty much everything.

Learning about a topic starts with a search. This brings the searcher to a blog or website where they start reading - like you are, now. But then information on the web goes next level. You've probably seen, heard of or thought about purchasing an ebook. An ebook is like a regular book. The difference is that the buyer gets to download the ebook immediately. That's wildly convenient.

Ebook readers can soak up new information from anywhere -- their home computer, laptop, smart phone or other device. They can read and learn on the beach, in the bathroom, in a parking lot, in a hotel room, in the doctor's office waiting room - anywhere.