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Done-for-You Ebook Content: Anti Aging Audience

Ebook Topic: How to Reverse Age in Mind, Body and Spirit

This content works for the following audiences:

Self Help

Life Coaching


Self Care


Who in your self-help audience might need this information?

  • Married and single people facing the “midlife crisis”
  • Empty nesters who need some direction on what to do with their newfound free time
  • Middle-aged people who are ready for a fresh perspective and who want to retain their youthfulness
  • People in their 40s and 50s interested in preserving their health and longevity
  • Middle agers who may be thinking about launching a business or making a career change
  • Anyone who finds value in maintaining a youthful, energetic approach to living

One of your goals as a life coach or self-help mentor should be presenting fresh ideas in a unique and engaging way that captivates your audience of self help readers. I have just the content to help you achieve your publishing goals. This package of 15 PLR articles contains approximately 12K words and would work perfectly as an ebook or course.

Reverse-Aging in Body, Mind and Spirit PLR - 15 Articles or 12K words total (that's a BONUS GIFT of 5K extra words!)

Titles include:
1. What Might Reverse-Aging Look Like for You?
2. Youthful Vigor, Wonder, Curiosity and Delight at the Heart of Reverse-Aging
3. How Does Your Outlook Affect Activity Levels as You Age?
4. Why Would You Want to Seem Younger?
5. Young at Heart does NOT Mean Immature
6. You Can Still be Wise and Careful While Embracing a Youthful Outlook
7. What Exercises Help Your Body Stay Limber as You Age?
8. What Foods Can You Eat to Help You "Reverse Age?"
9. What is the Midlife Crisis Really About?
10. Activities to Keep Your Mind Active
11. What to Think About so You Can Stay Mentally Flexible
12. Want the Vigor of Youth? Get a Healthy Lifestyle
13. Want to Reverse-Age? Kick the Bad Habits that Are Aging You Prematurely
14. Yoga for Youthfulness, Inner Peace and Joy
15. 6 Healthy Practices to Increase Youthful Feelings and Appearance

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