Self Care for Small Business Owners - 12 High Quality PLR Articles. Rebrandable Content for You to Grow Your List and Profit From

Hey there, busy blogger! It's Dina from Wordfeeder PLR. I wrote these self-care tips for small business owners hoping to reach out to you AND the people you serve online.

Have you or your readers set aside some time for self-care? It's so important for our overall health, longevity, success and happiness.

The best time for self care is... now.

I speak from personal experience when I tell you that self-care is one of the first things to go neglected when you're struggling to bring in new clients and sales. But now that I'm in Phase 2 of my own writing business growth, I've figured out how to maintain my own self-care rituals along the way. Self-care has kept me from burning out the second time around... and it can help your readers, too!

That's why it was pretty easy for me to write these 12 PLR self-care articles that will go over big with your work-from-home mom, online business owner, health and wellness, or self improvement readers.

Self-Care PLR - Blog Posts, Articles, or Ebook Content - 7,832 words for instant download. Put your name on this content, edit it, publish it wherever you like. It's YOURS as soon as the online order goes through.

Here's a list of titles included with this information-rich pack of PLR articles:

  1. Self Care for Small Business Owners - Intro
  2. Self Care for Small Biz Owners: But What if You Don't Want to Take a Break?
  3. Simple and Effective Stretches for People Who Spend Long Hours at a Computer
  4. Too Much Computer? 5 Signs It's Time to Stretch and Move
  5. Yoga "Cheats" That You Can Do Right at Your Desk
  6. Self-Care Tip: End Your Busy Day With a Lavender and Epsom Salt Soak
  7. Vitamin D: Dose Yourself in Any Season
  8. Yes, Even Out of Shape and Overweight People Can Benefit from a Yoga Self-Care Practice
  9. Bed Yoga Ensures a Better Night's Sleep
  10. "I Forgot How to Breathe!" Breathing Techniques for When You've Spent Too Much Time at the Computer Again
  11. A Cup of Relaxation: Best Herbal Teas to Wind Down With
  12. It's Important to Step Away from the Screen: Work Projects You Can Do Without a Computer

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There's a lot you can do with this PLR self care content! Below, some ideas...

  • Turn it into an ebook to sell at an affordable price point or offer free in exchange for new email signups.
  • Set it up to release in an email autoresponder series - again, free or paid, up to you.
  • Add it to your coaching member area to help your small business clients remember that self-care is essential on the path to success.
  • Use this content as the basis of your 30-Day Self Care Challenge. Host on email, via a private area of your blog, or in your Facebook or LinkedIn group.
  • Print it out and use at your next in-person coaching workshop or group event!

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