Perfect for Pinterest and TikTok Publishing! Handy Household Hints PLR (in Tip Format) - 2500+ words

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Content includes:

• Odor Eaters
• How to Clean Copper, Brass and Silver at Home
• Handy Uses for Wine Corks
• Ideas for Cleaning With White Vinegar
• Covered Dish and Take-Along Party Food Dilemmas
• Curtain Cleaning Tips
• General Household Hints
• Tips for Keeping Floors Clean

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Halloween PLR Blog Posts - 5 Articles Total with PLR Rights - 1900+ words

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Article titles include:

  1. Trick or Treat Safety Tips
  2. Treats Not Tricks: Candy Cautions for Trick or Treaters
  3. Trunk or Treat: A Newer Halloween Tradition that Works for Today's Busy Families
  4. Easy Recipes aka Freaky Food and Creepy Concoctions for Your Next Halloween Party
  5. Halloween Make at Home Craft Idea: Happy Meal Haunted House

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"Raising a Compassionate Child" PLR Article 10-Pack 

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6,939 words total, perfect for use as individual blog posts or website articles, ebook content, newsletter articles, or social media posts.

Titles include:

  1. Why Today's Kids Are More Self-Focused
  2. How to Teach Empathy to Your Kids
  3. Pets Can Help Kids Learn Empathy
  4. Using Technology for Good, Not Harm
  5. Living by the Golden Rule
  6. 6 Ways to Practice Kindness at Home
  7. 7 Ways to Raise a Child Who Cares About Others
  8. 5 Proven Strategies for Fostering Empathy in Children
  9. 4 Activities to Help Kids Practice Empathy
  10. How to Raise Empathetic Children

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Cleaning Hacks PLR - 2 File Versions, 1 for Home Cleaning and 1 for Office Cleaning

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This high quality cleaning tips content can make the following online publishing and marketing tasks simple and stress-free:

  • Blog posting
  • Video sharing
  • Pinterest pinning
  • Affiliate product linking
  • Ebook sharing and selling
  • Email blast creation
  • Newsletter publishing
  • Social media posting to drive traffic
  • Special report giveaways to grow your list and increase your income exponentially
  • ...and more

Here's What's Included. Please note, I've listed office cleaning titles here but you get TWO files when you order. One document is versioned to "home cleaning" and the other is "office cleaning" - so you can copy and paste from either document depending on which audience you're posting and sharing tips with.

• Intro
◦ A Clean Office Means Everything
◦ The 3 Levels of Office Cleaning
• Office Cleaning 101: Windows to Walls, and Everything in Between
◦ Simple Steps for Cleaning Cubicles and Offices
• Cleaning Office Desks and Work Spaces
◦ How to Clean Your Laptop
◦ How to Clean Your Computer Keyboard
◦ How to Clean Your Computer Mouse
◦ How to Disinfect High-Touch Areas of Your Office
◦ How to Clean a Fabric Lamp Shade
◦ More Cleaning Tips
• Cleaning the Walls of Your Office
◦ How to Clean Painted Walls
◦ How to Clean Wall Paneling
◦ How to Clean Wooden Baseboards
◦ How to Remove Grease and Candle Wax from a Wall
• Tips for Cleaning Your Office Windows
◦ Homemade Window Cleaner Recipe
◦ How to Clean Vinyl Blinds
◦ How to Clean Curtains
• Cleaning Your Office's Kitchen or Break Room
◦ Simple Steps for Cleaning the Kitchen or Break Room
◦ Cleaning Your Office Refrigerator, Microwave, Stove and Other Appliances
◦ Microwave Cleaning Trick
◦ Dishwasher Self-Cleaning Tip
• Keeping the Air in Your Office Clean and Free of Germs
◦ Clean Air Vents
◦ Clean and Disinfect Air Conditioner Units
◦ Other Ways to Improve the Air Quality in Your Work Space
◦ Essential Oils 101
◦ How to Make a Homemade Air Freshener Spray
• Office Furniture Cleaning Tips
◦ Homemade Furniture Cleaner Recipe
◦ More Furniture Cleaning Tips
• Carpet Cleaning Tips
◦ Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipe
◦ Carpet Cleaning Step by Step
◦ Tips for Treating Carpet Stains
• Floor Cleaning 101
◦ How to Wash Linoleum Floors
◦ How to Clean a Variety of Floor Surfaces
◦ Homemade Floor Polish Recipe
◦ Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Recipe
• Conclusion
• Your Company Info Goes Here

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Super Simple Ways to Majorly Reduce Family Stress WITHOUT Therapy or Medication - 6,559 words total

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Titles include:
1.    Intro
2.    Family Stress? Schedule Less, Learn to Say No and Prioritize
3.    Family Stress and the Trickle-Down Effect
4.    How to Replace Bad Talks with Good Touch to Lessen Family Stress
5.    Relieve Family Stress: Change the Tone from Competitive to Cooperative
6.    Lessen Marital Stress: Replace Frustration with Acceptance
7.    3 Simple Strategies for Mitigating Marital Stress
8.    Lessen Family Stress by Making Time for What's Really Important
9.    How to Make Family Events Less Stressful and More Fun
10.  Help Kids Manage Stress: 7 Causes of Childhood Stress and How to Cope

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