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Smart Coach Content Club

At Wordfeeder, we call it the Smart Coach Content Club because smart coaches know that it shouldn't take months of writing to create and market a digital product that's going to help your readers live better and solve their problems.

We offer 3 content membership levels. The first one is free to sign up. After you log in, you'll get to download some great articles from the top menu of your member area.

If you upgrade to the Business, Life Coach or Weight Loss Monthly Memberships, you get tons more.

  • You get the latest content releases. New content is added to the paid member area on the third or fourth week of every month. You'll receive an email as soon as the newest content packs are ready.
  • You also get back-released content from prior months of the year, PLUS the entire content collection from the year before! If you think that's a crazy amount of content, so do I. For now, that's what we're doing at Wordfeeder.
  • Finally, you get helpful resources to grow your business. These include idea swipes, tips on how to write sales copy, instructions on how to create an autoresponder series, and more. These are found under Smart Coach in the top menu.

Below Find our May Content Releases.

Our Done-for-You Content is READY to Become Your Next Ebook, Group Coaching Topic, Newsletter Feature or Anything Else You May Desire!

May 2022: Business PLR Membership What Drives a Serial Entrepreneur's Non-Stop Working Tendency? 15 Articles or 7500+ words NOW LIVE

Titles include:

  1. Characteristics of Serial Entrepreneurs Include…

  2. Is Being a Workaholic Entrepreneur a Bad Thing or a Good Thing?

  3. How Can a Serial Entrepreneur Work Less but Make More Money?

  4. Why Curb Your Workaholic Tendency?

  5. Ways to Make Your Workaholism Work For You

  6. Real-World Strategies for the Workaholic to Achieve Work-Life Balance While

  7. Sustaining Real Success

  8. Signs that Scream Out to the Serial Entrepreneur that Change is Needed NOW

  9. How to Adjust Your Workaholic Mindset to Ensure Small Business Success

  10. Good Practices for Business Owners Who Work Too Much

  11. How To Build Living Well into Your Life as a Workaholic, Serial Entrepreneur

  12. Workaholic Business Owners and Trying to Fit In with the Rest of Society

  13. How Can a Serial Entrepreneur Find Like-Minded Friends?

  14. Ways for a Serial Entrepreneur to Achieve Work-Life Balance

  15. What to Strive for In Your Personal Commitments as a Workaholic Business Owner

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May 2022 Life Coach PLR Monthly Content: What's With Mean People PLR Articles - 7500+ words total NOW LIVE

Titles include:

1. What's With Mean People – Intro
2. Characteristics of Mean People
3. Mean People on the Internet
4. Why Are Some People Mean?
5. The Psychology of Mean People
6. What Do Mean People Think About?
7. The Odd Lack of Empathy in a Mean Person
8. The Real Reason You Stay with a Mean Person
9. Can Mean People Change?
10. The Social Impact of Mean People
11. How to Stop Mean People from Having their Way All the Time
12. How to Tell if a New Acquaintance is Mean
13. How to Tell if a Mean Person is Making Up or Twisting Stories About Others
14. How to Ditch a Mean Person

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May 2022 Weight Loss PLR Monthly Content: "Ultimate Weight Loss Q&A," 7500+ words NOW LIVE

Content pack includes 7500+ words in Q&A format. Questions are as follows:

Q: How much weight is a healthy amount to lose per week?
Q: What is the most straightforward and basic approach to safe and gradual weight loss, going by the one to two pounds per week guideline?
Q: What is a calorie?
Q: I have an event coming up in a few weeks that I would like to drop a few pounds for. What is the safest way to do this?
Q: I was losing weight at a rate of one to two pounds per week but now it seems I've hit a plateau. Even though I am not cheating on my diet and have continued with exercise it seems like my weight loss has slowed. Any tips?
Q: What is the metabolic cause of the weight loss plateau?
Q: What can you do to move past a weight loss plateau phase?
Q: I'm trying to lose weight but I'm starving and can barely function on this little amount of food. What should I do?
Q: I want to lose weight but I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start. What should I do?
Q: I'm confused by all these different trending diets. Low carb? Plant-based? Mediterranean diet? Pescatarian? Which one should I choose, and is one better than the other or does it matter?
Q: What about low carb for weight loss?
Q: I'm on a weight loss and healthy nutrition plan, but instead of the scale numbers decreasing, it looks like they're increasing. What is going on?

Q: I'm confused about fruit and weight loss. Am I allowed to eat fruit if I'm on a diet or healthy eating plan? Are there fruits I should avoid?
Q: Can I drink fruit juice if I'm trying to lose weight?
Q: I've lost some weight but I feel like I'm having the worst trouble slimming down my waist. What can I do?
Q: How do I survive family vacations when I'm trying to lose weight?
Q: How do I go from diet to permanent lifestyle change?
Q: It's hard to stay motivated with my weight loss goals. What should I do?
Q: What should I do if I cheat on my diet?
Q: What if you went off the rails with the wrong food choices, and there's more where that came from?
Q: Do I have to deprive myself of my favorite foods if I want to eat healthy and lose weight?

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