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Weight loss blogger friend... are you in search of superb quality weight loss and fitness articles? Can't bear to publish another lackluster article that's heavy on copy yet slim on useful information?

Scale up production thanks to our high quality, private label rights content.

Written by experienced professional writers and copywriters (mainly me, Dina at Wordfeeder, plus a few trusted writer friends), our weight loss PLR promises interesting and accurate information, directly quoted sources, and high quality writing every time.

Why weight loss? Does this niche ever go out of style? Absolutely never. Weight loss and fitness is a multi-billion dollar global industry and YOU can help yourself to a share of the profits.

The Quality of Our PLR Articles is Seldom Matched

It's our goal at Wordfeeder to impact the weight loss and fitness niche in a positive way, by adhering to the highest quality standards in our article publishing goals. If you're a weight loss or health blogger, we want to be here for you, providing well-researched, well-written articles that you can confidently share with others.

This means that with every PLR article we create, you can expect the following:

Thoroughly researched information

Expert writing

Web-friendly formats for easy reading

Useful details that your audience will appreciate

Only the most trusted sources from well-known industry experts with proven credentials

Careful wording - avoiding making claims

Expertly worded disclaimers to keep you covered

How Will Wordfeeder's WEight loss and fitness PLR ARticles Help You Succeed Online?

There's definitely a formula for growing a following online and turning your blog and email list into an income generator. Here's the basic breakdown:


Step 1: Publish sound weight loss information that people want and need! But why write from scratch when Wordfeeder has your articles and future blog posts already written?

Step 2: Make ebooks and special reports. You can use done-for-you content to do this. We have your content for you right here!

Step 3: Give away some of the ebooks and short reports. Make sure the topic is HOT!

Step 4: Sell some of the rest of the information. It could be in the form of an online course, an email autoresponder challenge, a private member area on your site, or a series of video tutorials.

Our PLR Content Goes Deep into the Details. Each Article Pack You Purchase Can Easily Become Its Own Ebook, or a Chapter in a More Comprehensive E-Guide

Your profit-producing plan can begin by creating a simple ebook. It could be a small ebook that you give away that features just one of our content packs, like the "Losing is Winning When You Blast the Fat" PLR Double pack from Dee and Dina.

Or, it could be a more comprehensive e-guide that includes information from several article packs. You could sell your larger ebook - yes, people buy ebooks on the web all the time! But it's also important to advertise your ebook so people know about it.

Where to share the link to your Ebook Sales Page?

  • At the bottom of each blog post you create.
  • In the sidebar of your blog.
  • In the white space of your private member area if you host one.
  • In the descriptive content area of YouTube videos that you create.
  • In social media posts that you share on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

What other helpful items can you craft from the content we prepare for you?


These articles are being sold as PLR - Private Label Rights Content. That means that you get to edit, change, brand, and publish them under your own name in the following ways:

As blog posts or website articles. Posting a series on a single topic that you cover for a full month is a great way to get targeted readers. Share links to your blog on social as well!

As articles shared on social media. If you host a group online, it helps to post information your readers want and need. Post your articles there with a link back to your blog.

As ebooks that you share to grow your list. An opt-in gift is a common way to get more people interested in you and what you do.

As PDF ebooks that you sell under your own brand name.

As courses sent via email or hosted privately in an online conference room or private social media group such as Facebook

As email and social media challenges (think 30-day challenge, or 21-day challenge)

As email courses or an email series of tips. Autoresponders can be sent out every day for 5 days, every week for 4 weeks, or however you'd like to set yours up to go out automatically after people sign up.

As Pins. An eye-catching infographic and compelling lead-in brings them from Pinterest to your blog where they can learn more and sign up for your list!

As PowerPoint presentations - slide by slide, file delivered via link in an email.

As video slide shows. One short blurb or tip per slide, set to music, with images, works great.

As video tutorials - featuring you as the teacher, speaking about a topic. You can share the videos publicly to get known in your field. And you can also offer an upgrade option for people who may want a more in-depth learning experience.

Why is Weight Loss PLR Perfect for blog monetization?

Weight loss content is plentiful already, sure... but your target readers are always trying to find new, breakthrough solutions. Whether it's a fad diet, new and strategic way of combining foods, exercise tips that you can do at home, or some type of new fitness trend with the accessories and equipment to match...

When it comes to Weight Loss Publishing, ther'es always something to talk about!

Hook yourself up with some Amazon product commissions. Here's a list of frequently purchased products:

Nutritional supplements

Probiotics and digestive support

Weight loss and dieting books, CDs, more

Herbal weight loss formulas

All kinds of workouts, from aerobics to zumba and everything in between

Books and videos written by weight loss gurus, nutritionists, dieticians, and fitness experts

Fitness equipment and accessories - think workout clothing, free weights, hula hoops, kettlebells, exercise balls, bands, bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and so much more

Weight loss memberships

Weight loss motivation groups

One on one weight loss coaching/personal trainer hours


Your Blog Revenue Also Comes from PPC Ads

A high traffic blog can get a decent amount of income thanks to PPC and Native Ads in your blog posts, in the sidebar, and other spots on your blog. This is a legit way to keep passive income flowing in for sure.

The more time you'll have to set up creative monetization methods, the better off you'll be. And that's where our helpful private label rights articles come in.

streamline Your PUblishing tasks - PLR is a Perfect Content Shortcut.

Here are just a few of the many ways you can use PLR (private label rights) content to get more projects done in far less time. Use PLR to streamline the following tasks that are necessary if you want to turn your blog into a revenue producing machine:

Routine blog post publishing

Newsletter creation

Social posting

And Let's Not Forget these income generators

Is your content publishing schedule falling short of success here as well? You know you need to keep up with…

Email challenge creation

Coaching package creation

Ebook development

Course launches

Big Value, Small PLR Packs

There's a human behind this content. It's me, Dina of Wordfeeder! I work hard coming up with awesome, informative articles and tips for you to share, grow your list, and rake in the profits online.

I know it's overwhelming to have a giant bundle of content sitting there on your hard drive... even if the value was SO worth the purchase! That's why I list my PLR Article packs in minis. At Wordfeeder, you get options. You get choices! When you click BUY NOW on our content, you get a list of reasonably-sized, reasonably priced mini content packs that are easy to work with and very pocket-book friendly. Buy one of them... buy ten of them... it's up to you.

Level 1 PLR Membership is FREE.

It doesn't cost anything to sign up for my list and automatically activate your free PLR member account. Log in any time, I have lots of free PLR goodies for you on the inside! But I do want to warn you, I'm a frequent emailer. You'll receive emails alerting you to the newest, hottest PLR releases and deals on Wordfeeder. And you'll also get updates of what other, top notch PLR sellers are offering! For my prolific bloggers, that's a really good thing. For others, maybe getting a daily deal via email isn't what you wanted. That's okay with me. :)

Subscribe or unsubscribe from my list any time. My advice is to sign up using an email address where you will be HAPPY to hear from us, AND that you check often. BUT I don't want to disrupt your workflow. So choose carefully! For myself, I set up a special email address where I route all of my incoming marketing and PLR mailings. You can do the same. It's a really good organizational practice to get into.

Free PLR Articles Just for Being a Member

Did you know that we have a ton of FREE PLR content that I add to on a regular basis? Once you check out via PayPal, you'll be able to log into your Wordfeeder member account to access this plus ALL the extra free online marketing tips I throw in just for being on my list. Simply go to the top menu and look under FREE PLR to see a list of awesome content to download right now!

We Also Have a Paid Monthly Weight Loss PLR Membership. 10 NEW ARTICLES OR RECIPES EACH MONTH, AWESOME.

Our Weight Loss & Fitness PLR membership is NOW LIVE!

How much easier would your monthly publishing schedule be with 10 BRAND NEW articles or recipes available to download, edit, and publish however you like?

(We do NOT regurgitate old articles. Everything is written from scratch with love and care!)

Activate your paid subscription which is $7.97 for the first month. 10 articles will arrive in your account before the end of this month. You won't have to pay for those articles, as they are included in the monthly fee.

The monthly Weight Loss and Low Carb PLR membership goes up to $11.97 per month after that. A pretty good deal for 10 fresh pieces of original, high quality content!

Your monthly deliverable will be:

10 Brand New articles or recipes EACH month

PLUS, ALL THE EXISTING CONTENT that has been created so far with this membership is accessible from your member account!

File format: MS Word.

Your file will be sent automatically via email. You will also be able to log into your account and access your files again, to download to your computer, any time you need them.


Any Questions or Confusion, Email Me - Dina at Wordfeeder dot com

THANKS for purchasing PLR content from Wordfeeder. I hope you find value in this excellent quality content that I'll be creating for you. And THANK YOU for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!


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