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What's covered in this package of PLR articles on Window Air Conditioner Units?

This content contains 8500 words of extremely knowledgable and expertly crafted written content that addresses the many questions and problems facing people who use window air conditioners in their homes, offices and apartments.

The following titles are included:

1. Intro: Why window A/C units?
2. Other reasons window air conditioner units remain a popular choice for homeowners and renters alike
3. How do window air conditioners work?
4. How to install a window air conditioner
5. How to stabilize your air conditioner in the window
6. Q: What if your window air conditioner no longer has a plastic set of brackets to fit it into the window frame?
7. Tips for keeping outside air, rain and insects from entering your home after installing a window air conditioner
8. What size air window air conditioner is right for your home or office?
9. The remaining factors that determine the size of A/C window units you use in various rooms of your home are as follows:
10. What are BTUs and why should you care?
11. What can happen if you set up a window air conditioner that has too many or too few BTUs for the designated space?
12. Does size matter when it comes to air conditioners?
13. Optimum placement of A/C units for comfort and convenience
14. Are there any type of windows that can't accommodate window mount air conditioners?
15. Where to get a good deal on a window air conditioner
16. Window air conditioner - top brands
17. What is an Energy Star Rating?
18. Best Air Conditioners from Amazon
19. How to increase energy efficiency and save money when using a window A/C unit
20. Ways to lower the cost of running air conditioner units in summertime:
21. Window air conditioner - parts and accessories
22. Common air conditioner parts that may need replacing:
23. Window air conditioners and mold
24. More tricks for keeping your window air conditioner unit free from mold
25. Other solutions for reducing air conditioner mold in your home:
26. How to clean your window air conditioning units at the beginning and end of the season

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