NEW Self Help PLR: Optimizing Strengths and Improving Weaknesses PLR

Hey, self help publishers and life coaches! Wanted to let you know about a great new PLR pack of articles from Piggy Makes Bank. The topic is Optimizing Strengths and Improving Weaknesses. It’s perfect if you’re working on personal development and goals with your clients!

Optimizing Strengths and Improving Weaknesses – LARGE PLR Bundle!

This is available to order ala carte or via the Piggy Makes Bank PLR Self Help Monthly membership. Here’s what’s included:

  • 30 quality articles – perfect for blog posts
  • 30 email messages written to promote each of the blog posts.
  • 30 social media posts so you can put Facebook and Twitter marketing on autopilot
  • A compilation eBook of all articles. Use it as a content upgrade offer, a paid product, or a valuable bonus for one of your own info products.

They have a coupon code for you to get this at a discount. Type in OPTIMIZE at checkout for

Go here to learn more and order.

Link opens to a new page so you won’t lose this one.

NEW Weight Loss PLR Coming: “Slim This Summer”! HOT Topic

“Slim This Summer” Weight Loss PLR is Coming SOON from Wordfeeder!

“Get and Stay Slim This Summer. Grill, Exercise and Eat to Your Healthy Heart’s Content” PLR Articles

15 PLR Articles, 9600+ words (Bonus Gift of 2K EXTRA Words FREE!)


Here’s a screen shot of the content so you can get an idea of the quality:

 This content is almost ready!

Hop on my list, activate your Wordfeeder PLR membership, and get FREE articles instantly via email while you wait

NEW! $27 Coach Glue Workbook Content: “Automation & Systems: How to Leverage the Power of Tools and Team to Free Up Your Time to Do More of the Things You Love”

Do your business coaching clients feel trapped by their businesses? If so, you’ll love the done-for-you video script & workbook that Coach Glue has on sale for you this weekend. At $27, you really can’t lose… unless you fail to take action before the weekend’s over!

NEW Coach Glue Workbook PLR Package: “Automation & Systems: How to Leverage the Power of Tools and Team to Free Up Your Time to Do More of the Things You Love”

This package includes a 53 page workbook that you can brand to your business and sell to your clients!

Plus, if you want to record a video training that you can package up with the workbook to sell as a low-cost product – they even give you a step-by-step script to teach the content.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 53-page workbook. Your clients will love having this workbook that they can download or print off.
  • Complete Training Script. Simply tweak the content to suit you. Then record a video teaching the content, or host a livestream if that’s your jam.
  • Prewritten Product Page. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars because you won’t have to struggle to write copy, or to hire an expensive copywriter.
  • 21 Facebook posts. We want you to sell your products, so we included FB posts you can hand to your VA or social media manager to upload to spread the word.

But this special price goes away Sunday, so grab it soon!

Only $27 (regularly $97) with Promo Code: 27

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“Grow and Monetize Your Facebook Groups” DFY Planner. Last Day for 50% off from Coach Glue!

Just a quick pop-in to remind you. Today is the last day to save 50% on Coach Glue’s brand new DFY planner that will turn YOU into Facebook leader and influencer.

You can also use this content to help your clients follow suit. It’s perfect for teaching business owners (coaches, service providers, bloggers, authors, offline businesses) to monetize their Facebook groups so they bring in new leads, clients and sales every day.

The How to Grow and Monetize My Facebook Groups planner

is something perfect that you can pick right up and teach to your clients.

You can also use content like this to get yourself educated! Read it, learn it, then pass on the info and enjoy making some profits while helping others grow. Enjoy 50% off through tonight using coupon code 50. But you have to pick it up by midnight or you miss the discount! Ends after April 15, 2021.

Go here to learn more and order

Change Your Mindset Workbook: Perfect Lead Magnet Opt-in Gift to Sell Your Success Mindset Course

Hi, friends! I’m so happy, as a content writer, to be connected to amazing designers. These people work so hard and take each of their products through every step of creation. This is so the end result is something that you as a coach or expert can be proud to share and associate with your own brand.

That’s how PLR works, and that’s why It’s so worth it for you to sign up for email alerts to receive offers from Wordfeeder and Friends.  The Change Your Mindset workbook from Lynette Chandler complements many of the recent written packs that are being offered by PLR creating friends of mine. Did you grab those? Then you might want this!

Example. If you just picked up the four-part Success Mindset course from Alice, then this will be a nice workbook to mix in with that.  Picture it. You’ve set up the four-part course to sell and go out automatically by email over 4 weeks. Or maybe you make it into an ebook to sell as an automatic download.    Now you need a way to attract buyers. Upload the workbook to your website and have people sign up by email to grab their own copy of it.

Or add the workbook to the list of deliverables that your clients will receive when they sign up for the Success Mindset course. It’s always good to bundle products as a way of adding value.

There was also a Mindset Reset Workshop content package recently offered from the brilliant ladies of Coach Glue. The workbook that Lynette just released also coordinates perfectly with this!

At Wordfeeder, we have a Habits of Highly Effective People PLR pack on the verge of release! You could grab the workbook now and start attracting new signups to your list. Then when the 19 articles on that topic go live, you will be ready for customers who would love to sign up and download this as a course or ebook.

So we talked about publishing possibilities, let’s take a look at Lynette’s creation. The new Change Your Mindset for Greater Success workbook is live now. With this workbook, your audience can help others gain awareness of the harmful, negative self-talk, create a structure to build positive self-talk and more.

Here’s your 50% off promo code: MINDSET. Expires: Tuesday, April 20, 2021. Learn more at Thrive Anywhere

Thanks for taking a moment from your busy day to read my mails! Wishing you GREAT success and prosperity!
Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

Habits of Highly Effective People PLR Almost Ready


Hey there, if you’ve not heard of Wordfeeder’s Life Coach PLR monthly, it’s time to tune in. Around here I create straight-up articles mostly, and they’re very high quality.

The life coach monthly currently runs $11.97 for 15 new articles each month. The articles are written from scratch and they’re very different from the typical PLR fluff you may be used to. At Wordfeeder, our content goes deep!

Our April release was Controlling Relationships: Warning Signs and What to Do. Sign up to access those immediately, along with all other 2021 releases plus 10 article packs from 2020.

Then wait for an email from me announcing the release of the Habits of Highly Effective People PLR which is coming soon.

Here’s a screenshot:

Last hours for the Success Mindset 4-Part Course from Alice Seba

Hey, Dina here. Not sure if the timing of this blog is going to work with timing of PLR sales. I’ll try it for now and see how things go. Tonight is the last call for Alice Seba’s discount on her four-part course.

4-Week Ecourse “Cultivating a Success Mindset for a More Satisfying Life”

Comes with Private Label Rights. Just Brand, Monetize and Publish.

This 4-Part Ecourse includes the following:

4 Success Mindset Reports:

You get 4 illustrated guides (37 pages/ 14,197 words) (.doc) that teach your readers step-by-step how they can develop a mindset for success!

Topics Include:

1. Taking Stock of Your Life
2. Overcoming Obstacles that Interfere with Your Success
3. Planning and Embracing the Future
4. Keeping Up the Momentum

4 Detailed Checklists:

You get 4 checklists (.doc) that will give your readers a summary of what steps to take based on each of the instructional reports.

4 Worksheets:

One to accompany each of the reports so your readers can stay on track while learning how to create a success mindset.

4 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets:

.JPG and .PSD with flat cover and 4 x 3D versions to go with each report to help your opt-ins stand out.

4 Course Delivery Emails:

Add these emails to your autoresponder and deliver the course materials over 4 lessons. We’ve made it super easy!

1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Page:

To help you grow your list with this content, we’ve included the opt-in copy and the WordPress-ready code for you. We even host the images for you!

Regularly $47 but you can get it for just $14.97 if you pick up between today and April 13!

Learn more and order on Alice’s site here

Wild Mushroom Coloring Pages with Resell Rights


Are you in search of new and exciting coloring page themes and other printables to create and sell your own products online?

It’s foraging season, and here’s a cute one from my designer friend Raven.

A funny thing is that literally one day before I found out about this new coloring book PLR pack, a Facebook friend was talking about how she is fully licensed or certified to be a wild mushroom forager. How fun!

Wild Forest Mushroom Coloring Pages from Color Monthly – with resale rights to make into your own digital products and offer to your list.

Here’s a screenshot of the designs, very professional quality!

Regularly $45, you can get this pack just for $27 with coupon code MUSH. 

Goodthrough April 19th!

Learn more on the Coloring Monthly site here

NEW Fear of Success PLR

Great news, business coaches! This is a neat little content pack that you can set up really quick as a set of articles on your blog or an email series that goes out automatically. Fear of success is something that your entrepreneurial clients struggle with.

Once they hit it big, now what? Success brings increased pressure, financial changes, more responsibility, a thrust into the public eye, people judging you and much more.

On some deep level we know this… and for entrepreneurs, the subconscious thoughts might keep us stuck when we really want to move ahead.

Talk to your clients about this thanks to this done-for-you content from Piggy Makes Bank. Add your own thoughts and turn it into a workshop for your business coaching clients

Fear of Success PLR

Is the Fear of Success Holding You Back? ($27) Includes 5 Articles, 5 Emails, eBook Compilation, 5 Social Media Posts and 5 social media images.

Go here to learn more and order

The Importance of Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability Tips to Get Your Message to the Inbox

To get your emails read, they first need to make it to the inbox. That’s why email deliverability is kind of a big deal.

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, you might be wondering what all the hoopla’s about when it comes to email deliverability.

Whether you’re unsure how it impacts your email success, or if you’re just not convinced it’s that big of a deal, we wanted to help bring clarity to the sometimes puzzling topic.

Why email deliverability is a big deal

Reason #1: You want people to read your emails.

I know, this one is kind of obvious. Of course you want people to read your emails! But there’s a whole lot that goes into making that happen – and a big chunk of it has to do with email deliverability.

Unless you pay careful attention to the things that impact your deliverability, the basic goal of getting people to read your emails becomes extremely difficult to attain.

Plus, focusing your attention on email deliverability will help you achieve better open and click rates.

Go here to read more from Kelly Forst, published on Aweber