30 Minute Healthy Meals PLR Recipes 50% off

Hey, my food blogging friends! What’s the biggest request your audience likely has?

Healthy delicious meals that they can make in a half an hour or less, of course!

Elisa at Kitchen Bloggers knows this!

What’s cooking on day 10 of the Kitchen Bloggers 12 days event? Nothing less than you would expect!

50% off All “Quick & Easy” Recipe + Photo Packs and Menu Plans

How hungry do these beautiful professional quality images get you? Kitchen Bloggers’ content is just incredible, don’t you think?

This offer is good for one day only, Sunday December 19th and then there’s just two more days left of this incredible sale.

Includes the following recipe packs:

  • Healthy 30-Minute Recipes – Volume 1
  • Quick & Easy Recipes – Volume 2
  • 5-Ingredient Recipes – Volume 1
  • 5-Ingredient Recipes – Volume 2
  • Quick & Easy Menu Plans – Volume 1
  • Quick & Easy Menu Plans – Volume 2
  • Healthy 30-Minute Menu Plans
  • Healthy 30-Minute Recipes – Volume 2
  • Healthy 30-Minute Recipes – Volume 3
  • Healthy 30-Minute RecipesĀ  – Volume 4On days when there’s no time to shop cook and stage photos but you know you need to release something fresh and delicious on your blog, Kitchen Bloggers has got you covered.

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Thank you for taking a minute of your wonderful weekend to see what I have picked out for you in the way of awesome content deals. Have a merry week!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR