Coach Glue Abundance Journal 50% off

Hi, my business and life coaches! It’s time to stop talking about launching new coaching programs and start doing it.

We’ve got the content to get you going. It would cost you thousands to create a coaching series for your business from scratch.

But when you put all of these goodies together from Coach Glue and Wordfeeder and other quality providers, you have everything you need to create profit well helping people… and you saved a ton of money and time.

Heads up for some cha-ching!

The Coach Glue Abundance Journal makes a wonderful exercise to use with clients.

The Abundance Journal is about chronicling your thoughts around money so you can transform them into a powerful attractant for your future.

Many of us hold outdated beliefs about money and whether or not we are worthy of receiving it. This affects every aspect of our lives but is especially important if we’re trying to run a business.

It’s better to attract money rather than have to chase it, but you’ve got to embrace the right attitude in order to do that. This journal can help you get your blocks and your clients are going to want that.

How intriguing are these goals around money that the journal will help your clients reach?

You can work with them on the following:

  • Letting go of their “money stuff” for good
  • Attracting (rather than desperately chasing after) ready, eager clients
  • Finally feeling relaxed about and supported by their finances
  • Start being, doing and having what they truly desire (regardless of the price tags involved!)

For your convenience, the deliverable includes three file types: MS Word, PowerPoint and Canva.

The Coach Glue Abundance Journal is 50% off through Sunday May 16th

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