FIXED coupon, Narcissist searches may break the internet, Energy Vamps ebook offer extended

Hey, busy self help bloggers! If you publish content that teaches people how to cope with narcissists in their life, then you should really pick this ebook up to sell. It’s a no-brainer.

A high quality ebook on the topic of Energy Vampires which is really the same thing as narcissists.

It’s already designed in Canva, so there’s really no thinking involved if you don’t want there to be. Other than adding your brand, this digital product’s all ready to upload to your digital selling platform.

By the way… if you prefer to switch out the phrase “energy vampire(s)” for “narcissist” you can certainly do that.

You might want to if you’ve been building your brand around the word narcissist or narc which is raging on search engines.

Oh! And here’s a huge tip for you. TikTok is RAGING with the anti-narc audience. If you want to start publishing self help content over there, I’d recommend getting comfortable with video creation.

Someone I know started posting survival tips for people trapped in relationships with narcs, based on her own experience. As soon as I began following her, my feed started blowing up with other people just like this.

So the need for more self help experts and life coaches willing to offer advice around this topic is HUGE. It’s so huge, it’s almost a cliche at this point.

Here’s info on the Canva ebook if you want to skip right to that. I have coupon codes and order details listed on the product page here. Ends after today, July 31! 

This offer now ends August 5, 2021. Why? Because I am awesome, and I forgot to add a spot for people to type in the coupon code on the form. It’s fixed now!! (smh)

So, let’s look at the mind boggling level of frequency that people have been searching for info on narcissists online. If they keep this up, they’re going to break the internet. I put a new screenshot on the Energy Vampires Canva ebook product page. Look at this!!

On the other hand, some people won’t throw their loved ones under the bus by searching narcissist survival tips. They don’t believe their person has reached the level of a psychological diagnosis, and that’s a very reality based assumption.

Not everyone who came of a bad relationship or is dealing with toxic parents, boyfriends, etc. will reach this extreme.

BUT they will probably recognize that this person or people is/are sucking the life out of them, and that’s why there are tons of web searches on the phrase “energy vampire” – in fact more than 13,000 (yeah, 13 THOUSAND) on average each month.

So whichever term you elect to use – narc, energy vampire or something else… this ebook’s been written for you to sell.

All you have to do is log into Canva, brand this, download to your computer as a PDF, upload to your chosen selling platform and then create a quick sales page to start hyping up your teaching material/energy vampire survival guide.

Today’s the LAST day for $20 off the Canva ebook template using coupon code CANVABABY is now August 5! 

Oh, and yes – you may have purchased this content already as articles, but never did anything with them. In which case… the ebook in Canva is the next step up.

I created a second option at checkout so that you can order the ebook for a lower price because you already bought the articles.

Your coupon for a extra $10 off that lower price is IBOUGHTTHEM.

So you get the Canva ebook for $10. That’s a crazy good value!

Surviving Life with Energy Vampires – Ebook Template in Canva – Grab the ebook version of this now, for a special discount!

Here are the included articles that I added to the ebook (6300+ words total)

1. What’s an Energy Vampire?
2. Identify the Energy Vampire in Your Group
3. Energy Vampires and Boundaries
4. What Triggers an Energy Vampire Toward Selfish Behavior?
5. Why Choose to Stay With an Energy Vampire?
6. How Does Being With an Energy Vampire Affect Your Health?
7. The Importance of Self Care When Dealing With an Energy Vampire
8. Energy Vampires and Trust Issues
9. How to Snatch Back Your Energy From an Energy Vampire
10. Survive and Thrive Among Energy Vampires: Where to Find Emotional Validation

Here’s a quick how-to if you prefer to use the term narcissist(s) in your Canva ebook instead of energy vampires…

  • Change it in the cover art (yes, right in Canva – takes a few minutes at most)
  • Change it in the headlines (zoom out, do a fast scroll, swap out the words as you go)
  • Change it in each of the articles (you have to skim the text and edit as you go)

Worried you might already have ordered the articles? You don’t have to go poring through your content collection to find these articles. I’ve set up the product so that if you already ordered them, the system won’t allow you to order them again. In that case, select Option 2 for the Canva ebook upgrade.

Learn more and order here.

You’ll find the coupon codes directly on the product page. AGAIN, I have fixed the order form so you should be able to enter your coupon code with no issue. 🙁 The end date for this is August 5! Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for supporting my freelance writing business! I appreciate you and wish you the best of success!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR