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Food Bloggers Sale with 50% Fundraising for the Food Pantry is Back On!

Hi Wordfeeder fans! Our local food pantry has made an amazingly fast comeback after suffering the loss of their facility and main revenue stream, their wonderful thrift shop, in a fire this February.

In early March I ran a Food Content Bundle Fundraiser to help raise money in support of their recovery. I want to say thank you to those who ordered content in support of this cause!

I’m sending this mssage to let you know there is still a need.

The Food Bloggers PLR Recipe Bundle Fundraiser is Back On!

This wonderful bundle package of recipe content with private label rights is for you to use in your blogging and social media publishing.

Content packs included with this purchase are:

  1. 7 Low Carb Grilling Summer Meal Ideas, including 19 PLR Recipes – 3,743 words total
  2. Classic Christmas Cookie Recipes Canva Package PLR 13 Recipes Total + 28 Images
  3. Healthy Soup for Weight Loss – PLR Articles and Recipes – 7200+ words total
  4. Keto Versions of Your Favorite Comfort Foods – 10 PLR Recipes – 2,862 words total
  5. Low Carb Recipes for Fall Cooking Plus Articles & Amazon Products – PLR Content – 5700 words total
  6. Sweet and Savory Pie Recipes – 11 Total
  7. Homemade Dips and Dressings Recipes – 1200 words total 4
  8. Easy and Healthy Make-Ahead Recipes PLR
  9. Flavored Yogurt Recipes PLR – Intro + 8 Short Recipes – 1400 words total
  10. Simple, Fresh, Healthy Meals for Weight Loss WRITTEN CONTENT- 20 PLR Recipes or 4900 words
  11. Simple, Fresh, Healthy Meals for Weight Loss – 20 PLR Recipes IMAGES
  12. Butternut Squash Recipes – 2 Total: Butternut Squash Soup, Blueberry Butternut Muffins + Amazon Product Links
  13. Butternut Squash Images – 7 Total
  14. Healthy and Comforting Soup Written Recipes PLR – 17 Total
  15. “How to Make Hummus from Scratch” – blog post with recipe – 500 words
  16. Hummus Images – 7 Total


You get it for $47.

Shortcut to the order form is here.

After you place your order, you’ll receive an email that lets you download all of the included content from your member area. Log in and access your content any time when you’re ready to publish.

Half of the profits from this bundle sale will go to the Open Cupboard Food Pantry of Clinton, NJ. I am so honored to know them, and to have learned so much about the benefit of food pantry support to the community.

I hope that over the coming years, more people learn about and begin to support food pantries in their communiities. With the price of food being so high these days, it’s a blessing to have this resource that helps support families in need.

Will you help me fight food insecurity? All you have to do is order this wonderful bundle of well-written recipe content with private label rights. I’ll send 50% to our food pantry to support them as the continue to rebuild. You get to use the content as a publishing shortcut.

Get Great PLR Recipes and Support the Food Pantry Fundraiser from Wordfeeder now.

Just $47 for all of this great recipe content, and it’s for a good cause.

Direct link to the order form is here.

Read the full list of recipes and view content samples here.