NEW Canva Cookbook Templates 60% off from Kitchen Bloggers

Do you run a food blog and share recipes and cooking tips?

There is massive monetization potential in the food niche, with many subcategories to delve into and create profits. 

You may already know that list building is key. One big source of revenue is online cookbooks. 

Grow your list by offering a mini online book of recipes. 

It can be seasonally themed, feature recipes from a certain regional cuisine, let’s say Southern Italian, or way of eating, like plant-based. Or you can do a holiday or seasonal cookbook.

One thing that stops cooking and food bloggers from making the big bank is not having an easy way to create and share or sell their online cookbooks.

Today I’m giving you one. Elisa of Kitchen Bloggers just emailed the word out about her brand new Canva cookbook templates

Use these to make quick work of your online cookbook creation and start giving away many ebooks and upselling bigger online cookbooks.

Here’s some information straight from Elisa to help you understand how these convenient Canva cookbook templates can be used…

Create your own free and premium digital products, such as lead magnets, recipe collections, challenges, and full cookbooks, without having to figure it all out yourself (or hire a designer to do it for you).

Instead, you can easily customize these templates countless ways by adding your own branding, colors, fonts, images, copy, and fonts.

Here’s a quick look at everything the brand new Canva Template pack includes:

26-Page Recipe Book Template* 

3 Easy-to-Edit Pinterest Pin Templates

3 Easy-to-Edit Instagram Post Templates

3 Easy-to-Edit Facebook Post Templates

The 26-Page Recipe Book Template Features:

3 Cover Designs

Author Page

Welcome Page


3 Chapter/Section Intro Layouts

7 General Page Layouts

6 Recipe Card Designs

Recommended Resource Page – easy to Monetize!

Graphic Quote Page

Thank You Page

Notes Page

The 26-page Recipe Book Template is available in 3 sizes: Canva’s ebook (1.6:1), letter size, and A4. (You will be able to use the free version of Canva with these templates).


You also get 60% off for a limited time when you use the coupon code Canva60.

Pick up your Canva Cookbook Templates here