NEW Menopause Wellness Course. Done for You, With Private Label Rights to Brand & Sell

Hi, my wellness and life coach friends. The menopause niche is on fire, and not just because of hot flashes. At Wordfeeder we have a brand-new wellness course for you to launch that speaks to this audience.

Magnificent at Midlife 20-Day Challenge Content – Done-for-You!

Early spring is a GREAT time to offer a new course to your niche audience. People are bound to be feeling frisky and up for new possibilities in their lives. Spring is a fresh start, a blank page to start over, budding possibilities and all the things. If you have middle-aged women on your list, they will love this learning material!

Audience: Middle aged women approaching or in menopause. Interested in total wellness for body, mind and spirit.

Who should publish this? Life coaches, holistic coaches, wellness experts.

Use this content to create a 20-Day Email or Social Media Challenge, make an ebook download, share on your blog, or anything else you may think of!


  • 20 Articles suitable for email publishing
  • 69 PLR images
  • Expert quotes and sources

Magnificent at Midlife 20-Day Wellness Challenge for Women – 10,000+ words total

Day 1 Intro: Facing the Strange Changes
Day 2: Feeling a Bit Spicy in the 40s and Beyond
Day 3: Menopause Around the World
Day 4: Your Body is a Temple
Day 5: The Delicate Balance
Day 6: Salt, Sugar and Your Menopause Middle
Day 7: Plant-Based Possibilities for Magnificence at Midlife
Day 8: Partial Plant Based
Day 9: Food Journaling for Female Hormone Health at Middle Age
Day 10: All the Female Feels.
Day 11: Secrets of Asian & African Women for Lessening Menopause Symptoms through Diet
Day 12: The Magical Elixir of Youthfulness
Day 13: Calm Your Hormones.
Day 14: Sexual Healing.
Day 15: Exercise is a Midlife Must.
Day 16: Run for Your Bones
Day 17: Reduce Stress, Deliver Self-Care.
Day 18: Healthy Fat is Where It’s At
Day 19: Go with Your Creative Flow
Day 20: Self Care for Your Spirit

What to Do With This:┬áSet it up as an autoresponder series for 20 days. Or split it up to use half the content as a 10-day challenge, and the other 10 articles to attract interest by publishing in your blog and on social media with a “get this course now” link.

Or turn it into an e-guide PDF download. It comes with a folder full of 69 images! These can be used in your marketing, as part of the email course deliverable, or in your social and blog posts.

You get a coupon code: MAGNIFICENT gets you $30 off the regular price of $67. Enjoy!! Good through April 22, 2022. I put samples and screen shots of the images on the product page.

Learn more and order here.