Rules for Using PLR or Private Label Rights Articles

Some publishers shy away from using a very helpful tool called PLR or private label rights content.

They don’t realize they’re spending needless thousands and investing hundreds of hours of their time each month to creating content when it’s already been written by professionals.

Here are some things you can do with PLR. Keep in mind that the more you edit the content, the better it gets… and the greater purpose it serves in your business.

Start thinking of PLR as a content draft that just dropped on your desk that’s all ready to receive your beautification.

Here’s how to use PLR content to build your business, sell digital products and serve your customers better.

  • make blog and social posts
  • publish in your email newsletter
  • turn into email challenges
  • make an email autoresponder series
  • launch a course
  • share with clients
  • make viral videos

PLR content cannot be copyrighted into a book or an Amazon or Lulu ebook. If you do this, your accounts will be banned on these platforms.

Do not sell PLR as a private label rights content product.

Do not share the originator’s name.

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