Run a 30-Day or 15-Day Gratitude Challenge with Done-for-You Content

Gearing up for Halloween? I feel like we’ve had pumpkins coming out of our backside for most of October. I’m ready for a break and long to return to knitting in peace and quiet. I just want to do one fisherman’s scarf. Just one!

Ever thought you might like to run a Gratitude Challenge? This can be a really engaging and illuminating group activity. Your fans might just love you MORE after undergoing the transformation that this content will bring.

As you may know, gratitude journaling brings many benefits. The peaceful feelings and positive thoughts in these reflections will impact every area of life.

Expect better focus, deeper sleep, improved mood, easier relating with others, greater productivity and improved health.

Host your 30-day or 15-day gratitude challenge from your Facebook or LinkedIn group if that works for you.

Here’s how it would work:

Each day for 30 days, log in and post the featured article/rumination.

Invite guests to engage with the included gratitude journaling questions.

The next day, introduce the next featured article and invite your members to share what they wrote from the day before for comment and further reflection with the group.

Then introduce the next article or rumination. Post the day’s journaling challenge assignment. And so forth.

Or you can simply skip the review portion, and instead offer to read your clients’ journal reflections in private as part of their paid coaching session. Up to you!

What if you don’t have room in your schedule for 30 days? That’s okay!

You can save some of the articles to share on your blog instead. Or you can split the challenge in half, offer 15 days of gratitude reflection this round, and then 15 more in a future group activity that you host.

What if you don’t have the time or energy to host a group journaling activity?

I know, it can be overwhelming. In that case, an email autoresponder series that goes out automatically, one email a day for 30 days (or 15 days if you want to half this and share the other half in your blog or post on your pages).

I can help you set this up, if you’d like to work with me for an hourly rate.

I give you my best writing with these gratitude challenges!

Creating this content was a profound experience for me. I know your readers will benefit from focusing on the positive and being thankful, as I have in creating the content.

I took such pleasure in writing the original Attitude of Gratitude 30-Day Challenge for my Wordfeeder coaches and publishers that I decided to version the content.

So the Attitude of Gratitude 30-Day Challenge became the 30 Days Blessed This Christmas Challenge. Then I made it into the New Year, New You Positivity Challenge… and finally, the 30 Days to a More Optimistic You Challenge.

What’s different about each of these? I changed some of the holiday/seasonal flavor of the copy.

Same sentiments, different holiday or seasonal references peppered throughout. That way, if you don’t get to run this in November or December, you can host it as a way to motivate clients toward their New Year’s resolutions.

Or, help them flip to the sunny side this spring or summer.

Best part is, if you order ONE of the 4 listed products you get the other 3 versions FREE.

So you get FOUR challenges at ONE price. It doesn’t matter which one you order.

Once you log in, you’ll see ALL FOUR of those files in your member area at Wordfeeder.

Run your gratitude challenge any time of year. Run one multiple times per year, if you like. 🙂 If you keep adding new followers to your list, the people who sign up in June won’t be the same as those who signed up in December.

Already ordered those Wordfeeder 30-day gratitude challenges? Want more? 

For some publishers, gratitude is a yearly theme and they like to change up their challenge a bit from one November to the next. That’s why I went ahead and created MORE gratitude challenges.

Go here to learn about the Attitude of Gratitude, 30 Days Blessed, New Year, New You and 30 Days to a More Optimistic You Journaling Challenges!

Thanks for following along with me, Dina at Wordfeeder PLR! I’m here to help you connect with your fans, followers and clients while saving tons of time and money.

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR.