Soup, Sandwich and Salad Recipes PLR from Kitchen Bloggers | January is World Soup Month! LOL.

The soup’s on in January! Someone from the great beyond has declared this soup month. (? ;))

Okay, let’s go with that. I love a nice soup, salad and sandwich combo especially when it’s cold. And if it’s not cold by you, there are some great summery soups to be enjoyed as well.

It just so happens that Kitchen Bloggers has an amazing PLR recipe package that I was given a special coupon for you to use.

As a food blogger and lover of all things food and cooking, you probably have your own signature soup recipes, for sure!

Even so, there are times when you just don’t get a chance to work up some new content but you know that the content posting show must go on.

These high quality, kitchen-tested and professionally photographed recipes with private label rights would fit in perfectly with your winter publishing schedule.

Use them to make blog posts, a free online cookbook to get more people on your list, a bigger paid book to sell, social media posts, and yes, definitely recipe videos.

So let me tell you how to make recipe videos without having to actually film yourself making recipes.

  • You just take the images and organize them into a slideshow. Apple and Windows computers both have built-in programs for you to do this.
  • Set it to a happy little tune, add title cards with the recipe ingredients and instructions.
  • Put your brand at the beginning and the end and you’re good to go.
  • Upload your recipe slideshow to TikTok or Facebook Reels or YouTube.

Just be sure not to use a copyrighted song, or if you do, you must fully credit the originator of the music. For more detail Google that because I’m not a video publisher I only dabble in it a bit.

Also, it certainly doesn’t need to be January to serve up some wonderful content on the topic of soups, salads and sandwiches.

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