“Time to Be a Boss” (CEO Mindset Plus) Ebook Package in Canva

Hi! There comes a point where you know it’s time to up your business game. Your clients know this, but it’s overwhelming to think about. This is where your guidance is needed as a business coach or consultant.

How DO you reach the next level of income and success? It’s about tuning up and tightening up the various matters of your daily business life.

Sure, lots of coaches talk a lot about the mindset, and that’s valid. You MUST believe in your own capabilities before you can really take action to move your business up to the next level and be successful. BUT after we establish the success mentality comes the plan of action.

As our business grows, all those little things that, as overwhelmed business owners, we let slip by to “deal with later” as we skip to the money moves, won’t tolerate being unattended any longer.

If your clients or anyone who follows you online feel ready to move their business into the next realm of productivity and profits, you can use this ebook to help them get there.

The “Time to be a Boss” Done-for-You Ebook Package from Wordfeeder goes beyond CEO mindset.

It’s the full package of next-steps to take as you and your clients lock in business security, profit potential and success for the long term.

If you’re a business coach, you will DEFINITELY want this e-guide as part of your essential, business-building resource collection.

  • Use it as your go-to when clients come to you wanting to advance their profits and impact.
  • Set it up as a paid product for purchase on your site.
  • Drop it into the download area of your next Business Building coaching package or course.

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What you get with the Time to be a Boss (CEO Mindset) Canva Ebook Package:

  1. MS Word doc with all the written information included.
  2. Canva doc with same written details already inputted PLUS handy worksheets.
  3. A folder of images, also already inputted into Canva

How to Turn the “Time to be a Boss” Ebook Package for Business Coaches into Profits:

  • Use the images and the text provided in MS Word to market the course or ebook made from this content package.
  • Copy and paste the text into related emails to market the course and your services.
  • Publish some or all of the articles in your blog.
  • Discuss the topics on social media as a warm-up to the course or ebook that you’ll be selling on this topic.
  • Add your company branding and bio to the ebook. Edit it any way you like, if you like. Download as a PDF. Upload to your server. Set it up as a paid product to send out automatically via email!

Not Sure How to Set Up a Canva Digital Product to Sell? You Get Step-by-Step Instructions with Screen Shots With This Ebook Content Purchase

I have created a helpful tutorial that teaches how to quickly and easily set up the Canva ebooks we now offer at Wordfeeder, to sell as a digital product.

Your tutorial is included as a handy PDF download, which you’ll be able to access any time you log in to retreive this content from your member area.

“Time to be a Boss” Eguide¬†Topics include:

  1. Welcome
  2. Your Journey to Boss Status starts with Finances Business
  3. Financials: Profit and Loss
  4. Bonus Income and Expense Tracker Sheets
  5. Financial Goal Setting Worksheets
  6. Shift Your Money Mindset to Get Ahead Financially in Your Business
  7. Lawyer Up! Empower Your Business with Legal Protection
  8. Legal Matters in Your Business
  9. Legal Matters Goal Sheets
  10. Become the Authority: Focus on Content
  11. Web Articles are the Basis for Your Authoritative Content Strategy
  12. Social Media: Be Social, but Selectively and Strategically So
  13. Social Media Goal Sheets Lighten the Tech Load
  14. Streamline Social Media and Own Your Boss Role Online
  15. Social Media Weekly Planner Pages
  16. Protecting Your Rep as a Boss: What Not to Say and Do
  17. Business Boundaries for Bosses
  18. Boundary Journaling Pages
  19. Conclusion
  20. About Us

Want to Launch a Fresh Digital Product This Sping? Got Clients Who Want to Be the CEO?

The “Time to be a Boss” Ebook package is truly a business coaching essential that should be added to your collection.

Use the form at the bottom of the product page to order this content ala carte. Read samples, learn more and order when you click the link!

Launch this season and create profits in your business, with Wordfeeder’s done-for-you content on your side.