Would Your Life Coaching Clients Love This Email Challenge? | Done-for-You Content

Hi, it’s Dina from Wordfeeder and I wouldn’t want you to miss our big 40% off sale we’re having on Christmas Themed Content, including some gratitude, mindfulness and positivity themed email challenges.

Setting this up is SO simple, and you really can’t lose when the content’s already written for you.

For this post, I’ll feature the 30 Days Blessed This Christmas Challenge.

This is done-for-you content that you can share or sell. Set it up as an autoresponder series. Show up in your Facebook group and post this one article and exercise per day, for 30 days. Or 15 days… pick and choose the articles and exercises that you’d like to share! You can always save some for next year, too.

Here are some screen shots of the written content you’ll receive, to brand and share or sell as your own:

Each “Day” of the 30 Day Challenge features 1 short article and 1 journaling exercise for your clients to try out if they like.

What’s Included with the 30 Days Blessed This Christmas Challenge?

This PLR pack includes 30 articles and 30 exercises to present to your list. It’s the complete content pack in Wordfeeder’s “30 Days Blessed This Christmas” Challenge. Word count is 17,165.

Perfect to send in an autoresponder series of emails, post each day in your social media groups, and publish on your blog. Makes a nice “advent” or positivity theme for the month of December!

What to Do With This Content?

Pair each article or social post with a beautiful graphic. Charge a budget-friendly price for the course, or offer it for free as a way to bring awareness to your audience and offer a gift of high value. No matter what the niche, a 30 Days of Gratitude theme can be worked in.

Next, let your followers know that you plan to run your 30 Days Blessed Event for the month of November. Put out a warm and welcoming vibe to all.

Give people a place to sign up for your list if they haven’t already. This is very important. It’s how you build your business.

Create a private group on social media (Facebook is usually the spot where people already have accounts, and are likely to congregate). Plan to post there. Encourage sharing and group participation.

Each time you post a new article and exercise, share it, along with an inspiring graphic, in the following places:

Email. You can send each email out, one article and one exercise per day for the entire month of November. OR, set this content up as an autoresponder series that goes out automatically each day.

Your Private Group. If you’re offering this as a paid course, then the group should be set to private. If you’ve decided to give it away, you can leave the door open to newcomers to join in any time they like.

Again – great list builder, business booster and way to create a sense of community among your business minded peers.

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Don’t miss your chance to offer this to your clients. It’s the perfect, festive time of year to share a positive and uplifting message with your audience.

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