10 Ways to Profit with Large Poster Graphics | Law of Attraction Theme Office or HomeDecor

Hey there! Alice and Yousef of eKitHub have been cranking out some really useful digital products for the times.

When something is printable, it means that after purchase you get the resell rights and you receive access to the design or designs, to incorporate into your own creations.

10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Large Poster Graphics

These Law of Attraction themed printables will be perfect on office decor or for a variety of other applications.

The price for this set of digital products that you can print again and again is $9.95. After tonight May 11, 2021, the price goes up, but I actually don’t know what the full price is. Still, always better to get some good savings!

You can learn more about the product here:

Law of Attraction Home Decor and Printables EKit

Free Law of Attraction Poster Graphic

Also, these two creators have very smartly included 10 useful tips for how to turn printable products into profit.

I’ll start by pasting some of their suggestions here. You can click the link that I’ve pasted after the text, to read their full article and then sign up for a freebie.

This comes directly from Alice and Yousef:

  1. Turn them into downloadable products in your Etsy shop or website. Give your customers the PDF (included with our large posters), so they can print out their purchases themselves to create gorgeous wall art.
  1. Use a print-on-demand service like Gooten to create framed and/or canvas pieces for you.They also do gorgeous, oversized wall calendars where you can add even more posters.
  1. These text-only posters are large so you can make big bold printed products, but can also be shrunk down into mugs, t-shirts, magnets, smaller prints and more.
  1. Use them for journal and planner covers…or planner dashboards. Whether you print them for customers or they print themselves.

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