Habits of Highly Effective People PLR now live!

Great news! Habits of Highly Effective People PLR is now ready for purchase

This is bigger than the content packs we normally offer for this price and for our plr monthly. Titles include:

  1. What is Personal Effectiveness and Why Do We Care?
  2. Personal Effectiveness Means Taking Aim in Your Life to Hit That Target Again and Again
  3. What Magical Things Occur When We Become More Effective?
  4. Becoming More Effective is About Taking Your Time Back to Use However You Want
  5. Highly Effective People Do This, and So Can You
  6. The Key to Being Highly Effective: Become a Task Masker Extraordinaire
  7. Embrace Habits of Highly Effective People: Search Out Role Models
  8. Become Highly Effective in Your Career: Advance, Get Respect, Make More Money
  9. Swap Out Bad Habits for Ones That Attract Wealth. Become More Effective in Your Work and Life
  10. To Become More Effective, Do Your Best Impression of Success
  11. Want to Have More Fun? Become Better at How You Work at Life
  12. How Effective are You? Take the Quiz
  13. Being Highly Effective is About Making the Best Use of Your Time
  14. Are You Too Old to Go After the Life You Want? 3 Refuted Myths to Help You Bust Through to Excitement, Variety and New Experiences as You Age
  15. Effectiveness 101: Aim Higher, Ditch the Habits that Don’t Serve You
  16. To Be More Effective, Know What You’re After and Why – That Means Core Values
  17. Effectiveness 101: Let’s Work on Your Personal Goals
  18. To Be Highly Effective, Say Goodbye to Relationships that Take You Away from Who You Want to Be
  19. Serious About Becoming Highly Effective? Seek Out a Mentor

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