High Class Group Coaching Planner

How do you set up your group coaching to attract high-end clients?

It’s the question that all of YOUR clients are dying to have answers for… so they can get going with a process they can use again and again.

Now you can get the answers and you can share the answers thanks to Coach Glue.

Looking for a quick and easy group coaching planner to use with clients or make into a group workshop?

This planner walks every coach and every coach’s client through the coveted steps that will streamline your group coaching… to attract and retain higher paying clients with high class programs.

Coach Glue’s “Map Out Your High Class Coaching Program” Planner is 50% off with coupon code 50.

Here’s what you get:

This 57-Page Planner Covers:

Step 1: Confidently Build Your Audience’s Transformational Journey

Step 2: Building A Magnetic Program That They Can’t Ignore

Step 3: Uplevel Your Program By Building a Killer Foundation

Step 4: Craft An Irresistible Program That Attracts Solid High-End Clients Everyday

Step 5: Cultivate A Process That Build Genuine Rapport and Excitement to Start Your Program

Just like all PLR, you can use this in a number of ways.

One, if you have never created anything like this before now is your chance to learn. It’s much cheaper to purchase PLR then to buy a course from another coach.

What’s even more amazing is you get to brand this as your own and then turn around and sell it to use with clients. So instead of paying for a course… the course pays for itself… over and over and over.

Again, your coupon code is 50 to get this half off and it expires May 5th, 2021.

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