Productivity Blueprint PLR from Piggy Makes Bank

Searching for productivity PLR?

Quarantine has really gotten people thinking about how to get more done in as little time as possible. Piggy Makes Bank addresses this in detail with their latest privately rights content pack. It’s definitely something that your life coaching clients will want to work on.

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This large bundle includes:

  • 30 quality articles – perfect for blog posts
  • 30 email messages written to promote each of the blog posts.
  • 30 social media posts so you can put Facebook and Twitter marketing on autopilot
  • A compilation eBook of all articles. Use it as a content upgrade offer, a paid product, or a valuable bonus for one of your own info products.

30 titles include:

  1. What Does Productivity Mean to You?
  2. Nope: Productivity and Being Busy Are Not the Same
  3. The Only Action That Matters
  4. Schedule Your Breaks or You Won’t
  5. The Importance Of “Why”
  6. 5 Household Management Tips for Parent Business Owners
  7. How And Why You Must Remove Distractions
  8. The Secrets to Time Management and Why You Need It
  9. Yes! You Can Automate That
  10. How to Create an Effective To-Do List?
  11. How to Be Realistic About Time
  12. How to Use the Right Tools and Technology for Your Business?
  13. Learn to Say No to Be More Productive
  14. How to Find Your Most Productive Hours?
  15. How to Outsource to Save You More Time
  16. Learn to Create Realistic Schedules
  17. Get Your Goals into Your Calendar
  18. 6 Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity
  19. How Sleep Impacts Your Productivity
  20. Top 8 Productivity Tools to Try
  21. The Importance of Continued Learning in Life and Business
  22. 5 Rituals to Boost Your Energy and Productivity
  23. Deprioritize Non-Essential Tasks: Know What’s Important
  24. How and Why Getting Rid of Things That You Don’t Need Frees You
  25. Be More Accountable, and Consistent Share Your Goals
  26. The Impact of Music on Productivity
  27. Eat the Frog! How That’s Actually Great for Business
  28. Delegate More Effectively: 5 Tips
  29. 5 Ways Mentors Can Keep You on Track and Lead You to Success
  30. How To Manage Your Energy
  31. Bonus Materials:

You’ll receive 5 bonuses to provide your audience:

  • Daily Planner
  • Goal Worksheet
  • Monthly Budget Planner
    To-Do List
  • Weekly Planner

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