Kitchen Bloggers 12 Days of Savings on Recipe and Cooking PLR is ON!

Hey there, do you post recipes and cooking tips? I have been seeing some phenomenal recipes showing up on TikTok.

I know some people think this is a young people platform but it’s an emerging social media craze. The video creation software they provide is really fun and easy to use. Perfect for making food creation content and yes, TikTok pays their best creators. 

So whether you post on TikTok or not, if you’re a food blogger you still need constant content. You will of course want to include your own recipes for some original flavor. But sometimes you don’t have time for that… and this is where Kitchen Bloggers comes to the rescue!

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Here’s a little preview of the kind of cooking content you’ll get from them which you can publish as your own and monetize on your website, social media pages and more…

Use their written and image-based  content with private label rights to quickly create…

  • A new freebie to get more buyers on your list
  • A cooking or recipe guide to sell
  • A blog post to attract a specific type of recipe searcher
  • An email to your list with an included recipe and or article. 
  • Oh and you can turn the recipes into slideshows, too!

Here are some types of content that you can get from Kitchen Bloggers anytime you need to publish in a short notice or plan for the season:

  • Seasonal recipes
  • Regional recipes
  • Healthy meal plans
  • Specific types of recipes and meals such as  low carb
  • Cooking tips
  • In-process and final presentation photos

I’m not sure if they also include specific cooking products such as those you would want to promote with your Amazon link… but you can always inquire by email and find out!

Now is a great time to get to know Kitchen Bloggers if you have not already. Every day for the next 12 days they’ll be putting one of their amazing recipe and cooking tips packages on a discount!

Their done-for-you recipes, cooking tips and food images boast the utmost quality and professionalism. Absolutely beautiful presentations that your readers will love.

Here’s an image from one of their decadent desserts holiday packs. I just want to jump in there and eat this right now and your readers will too!

Go here to see what you get and tell Elisa that Dina of Wordfeeder sent you!

Have an amazing and festive weekend.