Launch This! Full Time to Freelancer Course Kit is $220 off Dec 10th Only!

Hey my business coaches! The transition from full-time work to gig culture is really happening. I’ve been waiting years for this and maybe you have too if you’re a business coach.

When massive change like this gets underway, people become confused. They don’t know what to do, everything is different and they can’t move forward.

This is where you can show up like the boss you are and help a lot of people. It’s a business coach’s position to guide people into self-reliant work and business-building situations.

The new year would be an amazing time to launch a course that walks people through this transition to freelance.

Even better if the content that you use to create your course is $220 off. Whaaat?!

I just talked to an amazing woman last night who has all the skills but isn’t sure how to put it together and start getting some clients. Business coaches like you can help people like this! And right now I’m going to hand you the material to do it.

I can’t even stress this enough. In fact, tax laws have been changed in my state recently to accommodate the shift to gig work culture.

It just so happens that Coach Glue’s offer of the day is right on time. You can position yourself as a leader if you grab this content and make good use of it in teaching your people what they need to know.

Check out the Full Time to Freelancer kit, it’s ready to use so you can start helping people and creating profit as you do it!

Heck, if you’re rusty on building up your own consulting services you could use this to quickly set things up for yourself… then turn around and sell the course to other people! PLR content is brilliant that way.

Use coupon code 2021 for $220 off:

From Full-Time to Freelancer: Create, Launch, and Book Out Your Services in 30 Days: Use This to Launch a Brand New Online Course!

This ends after today and then it’s on to a new deal. But the Coach Glue event concludes in 2 days. So grab it like you want it!

Thanks for taking a minute to see what kind of content shortcut goodies I have for you.

Have a very merry weekend! 🎄🦌🤶

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR