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8 Dimensions of Wellness PLR - 9 articles + Bonus Resource List - 4400+ words

with private label rights to sell or share this as your own course or challenge!

This illuminating, wellness-focused series will be well-received by the following audiences:


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8 Dimensions of Wellness - 9 Articles with PLR Rights to Share or Sell as Your Own

This content pack includes 9 Articles or 4400+ words, including:

1. Wellness for Life
2. Physical Wellness is More Than Meets the Eye
3. Emotional Wellness: Don't Underestimate It's Power Over Your Life and Health
4. Intellectual Wellness Doesn't End Once You're Done With School
5. Spiritual Wellness is Part of a Healthier and Happier Human Experience
6. inancial Wellness is Necessary for Maintaining Safety and Building Security
7. Social Wellness Means Forming and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
8. Occupational Wellness: Fulfillment in Our Work Lives
9. Wellness in Action: Put it All Together
10. Wellness Resources – BONUS CONTENT


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