"Attitude of Gratitude 30-Day Challenge" Done-for-You WRITTEN Journaling Course

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Need PLR Ecourse Content or an Autoresponder Series for an "Attitude of Gratitude" Challenge to Run During Thanksgiving Season?

Great news! I'm Dina of Wordfeeder PLR and I've created a gratitude-themed course for you to run during Thanksgiving season. This is a beautifully-written, thought-provoking series to use with your coaching clients, present to your creative writing group, offer as a done-for-you self improvement course, or simply share to promote good feelings during the holiday season.

ALL 30 Days of your gratitude challenge WRitten content Are READY to publish on your blog, email and social media groups. :)

There are FIVE individual packs in all. Pick and choose the ones you want. BUT you will probably want the best value on this superb quality content.

So grab all 30 days... even if you don't have time to publish all 30 days of this in November, you can go over into December OR you can pick and choose the days that you like best, and edit accordingly.

Here's a video of me talking about/showing the content pages in this beautiful, done-for-you coaching course. Don't mind the quality of the video, please. I am a WRITER and I just made this quickly to give you a sneak peek inside the pages!

Here's a screen shot of this content so you have an idea of what you'll be sharing:


Here's what's included with each gratitude PLR pack. Right now you can order these as ONE document containing ALL 30 DAYS.

Attitude of Gratitude PLR Articles and Exercises - PACK 1:

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 1. Trying on an Attitude of Gratitude
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 2: Accentuate the Positive
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 3. Slow Down. Take Time to Appreciate
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 4. What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 5: A Cup of Self Reflection
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 6: Give Thanks for the Simple Pleasures

Attitude of Gratitude PLR Articles - PACK 2:

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 7: Hard Times Help Us Appreciate the Good
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 8. Nourish Your Soul
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 9. Surprise Gifts from Unexpected People and Places
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 10. Celebrating the Moments Between the Moments
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 11. To Be Positive and Present, Take Your Cue from a Child
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 12. Appreciating the Wisdom of Our Elders

Attitude of Gratitude PLR Articles - PACK 3:

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 13. Grateful for Your Family in All Their Beautiful Imperfection
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 14. Commune With Nature
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 15. Grateful for Your Powerful, Miraculous Body
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 16. Grateful for Your Powerful, Amazing Mind
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 17. Special Needs Folks Remind of What's Really Important
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 18. Grateful for Creature Comforts


Attitude of Gratitude PLR Articles - PACK 4:

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 19. Honoring Your Mother and Father
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 20. Challenge Yourself to Live in the Present Moment
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 21. Ode to the Bountiful Harvest
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 22. Grateful for Friends Near and Far
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 23. Happy About Your Life's Work
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 24. Celebrating Beautiful Differences


Attitude of Gratitude PLR Articles and Exercises - PACK 5:

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 25. Appreciating Other Cultures
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 26. Beautiful Music Makes Life Worth Living
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 27. Your Inner Child is Calling
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 28: In Awe of Our Precious Planet
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 29. Heart and Home
Attitude of Gratitude - Day 30. Be Grateful for Friends
Closing Remarks

Here's another screen shot of the written content:

Attitude of Gratitude 25 PLR Social Images from Michele Neisler of Pep Talk PLR

My lovely friend Michele created these PLR gratitude images to use specifically with this course. Each "day" of the course is reflected in the text shown here. Publish these in email, on social media, or in an ebook that contains all of the course material together. OR, you can easily change the wording of each image to use however you like.

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