Coach Glue Business Boundaries Workbook and Video Script- Get it for a Great Price!

Are you a business coach on the lookout for great, done-for-you courses and digital products? I wanted to let you know about the Business Boundaries Video Script and Workbook that Coach Glue has brought down to $27 from $97.

If you don’t use video in your coaching practice, that’s okay! This will work as an ebook or emailed series as well.

In addition to the video script workbook package itself, this content comes with sales copy and social media posts so you can talk up the topic and lead to new signups and orders.

Today is the last day for you to pick this up at this price!

Coach Glue Business Boundaries Workbook and Video Script: When to Say Yes and How to Say No to Create a Healthier Relationship with Your Business

Step 1: How Business Boundaries Will Keep You Sane and Stacked with Cash
Step 2: Claim Your Core Values so You Can Say  Yes to Your Priorities with Ease
Step 3: The Top Must-Have Boundaries for Successful Business Owners
Step 4: Get Over Boundary-Setting Guilt to Grow Your Business and Confidence

Use coupon code 27 to grab the deal and add this to your collection. Time is up at midnight!

Go here to see the Business Boundaries content package from Coach Glue, learn more and order. 

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