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Income Tax Filing Tips for Business Owners in 2020: Best Practices, Plus Don't Miss These CARES Act 2020 Coronavirus Relief Tax Benefits



Do your business readers know that ANY of the following likely applies to them this tax filing season, offering a giant heap of Coronavirus Tax Relief after the sh*t show that was 2020?


FACTS that You and Your Readers MUST KNOW Regarding Coronavirus Tax Relief When Filing Your 2020 Business OR Individual Income Taxes:

People who were stuck home with virtual schooling kids with no options for child care may be able to take many of the CARES act tax benefits

Business owners can get their PPP loans extended if their sales showed a decline as a result of Coronavirus

Freelancers, side giggers and independent contractors are now entitled to unemployment compensation if Coronavirus interfered with their ability to work

People who were forced to take early distribution of their retirement funds get to dodge the 10% tax penalty, plus pay back the amount over a 3-year period and more

You need NOT have contracted Coronavirus to have been impacted (although if you did get the virus, the medical proof counts in your favor).

You ALSO do not need any type of "official certification" that your business or personal income was affected by the pandemic. All you have to do is make your needs known to your tax preparer and have the benefits applied to your situation.

This Content with Private Label Rights can be yours to share these important tips with people who look to you as an authority on business related topics. It's a great starting point to get their questions answered in a general way. I've included a ton of links that direct back to the IRS website where they can find the full details and latest updates, and get help for their specific situation.

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