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Hello! Do you publish dog content to a niche website? Wordfeeder has new PLR dog articles all packed up and ready for you to share or sell!

This is a white label content product. The articles come with private label rights to edit and publish as your own. Make this into blog posts, an email series, or an ebook download to sell. Monetize with your Amazon affiliate links to suggested products.

The Topic: Caring for Your Aging Dog. This White Label Content Package Includes 16 PLR Articles or 7K words total.

(Geriatric Dogs, Senior Dogs, Older Dogs)

Articles in this private label rights content package cover the following info on older dogs and their care:

  1. Intro
  2. Appearance and Temperament: What are Some Signs Your Dog is Reaching Old Age?
  3. Habits and Preferences: What is it Like to Have an Older Dog?
  4. Behavior: Can You Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks?
  5. Appetite, Digestive Issues: Should You Feed Your Dog Senior Dog Food?
  6. Senior Dogs, Joint Pain and Arthritis
  7. Older Dogs: Aches, Pains and When to See a Vet
  8. Eye and Vision Problems in Older Dogs: Glaucoma, Cataracts
  9. What to Do About Fatty Tumors in Your Aging Dog
  10. Ways to Care for Your Aging Dog
  11. How to Tell if Your Older Dog is in Pain
  12. Quality of Life for Your Older Dog, and When to Say Goodbye
  13. Signs Your Dog is Reaching Old Age: A Summary of What to Expect
  14. Special Things You Can Do for Your Dog in His Last Days
  15. Making Your Older Dog's Last Months, Weeks or Days Special
  16. The Hardest Part of Being a Dog Owner: Preparing for Your Dog's Passing
  17. Grieving the Loss of Your Dog: Keepsakes and Memories of Your Best Buddy


Great reasons to grab your share of this massive global market:

The dogs segment held a market share of around 41% and exceeded USD 96.5 billion in 2020. Contributing factors include:

SOURCE: GMI: Global Marketing Insights, Petcare Market

Who should publish this dog care content?

This collection of brand-new dog PLR articles for you to share with your audience includes Amazon links to related products.

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Also, please check to be sure that any products from the list are still active by the time this reaches you. We are not responsible for how long a product remains available on Amazon.

Possible uses and monetizations include...

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