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What Can an Abundance Mindset Do for You in Your Business and Life?

To have an abundance mindset means that you embrace an attitude of giving without worrying about what you're going to get.

Do you ever do the whole tightwad thing? We all get stingy from time to time, right? Maybe we're upset about $30 that someone owes us, or we really really want to cash in that coupon and we become obsessed with how much we can save.

Once you really get into being your own boss, you'll find that you have to shift from the scrimping, saving, nickel-and-diming perspective, to the "sky's-the-limit" open minded, freely giving point of view.

Having an abundance mindset helps you ATTRACT bigger things by putting bigger things out there. By being a giving person, you start to catch the attention of like-minded people - people who think big, dream big, share big dreams and visions, and will work with you on creating abundance... so you can begin to attract more without having to hang on to what yo do have so darn tightly.

Think about it. Suppose you and a friend have some BIG ideas - an entrepreneurial scheme. You just know that your big idea's going to be a smash, and it will help so many people while also delivering an opportunity to earn money so you can live and be comfortable.

If you and your friend went into your Big Idea project each with a stingy, what's-in-it-for-me scarcity mindset, what would you c reate? Probably not much because you'd be at odds with each other the entire time.

Being stingy and counting pennies might have you keeping a few extra pennies. But will it throw open the floodgates to opportunity and wealth? Most likely, no. 

Having an attitude of abundance puts you in step with others who aren't thinking about saving a dime in the short term. They're giving their all for the long term. Abundance can flow into every facet of your life.

Thinking big in your business, sharing your time and ideas with others, opening your mind to doing things differently, and investing your time and energy into something BIG (without dwelling on the What do I get out of this?) spills into your personal life too.

Maybe you find yourself thinking about members of the community and what you can give back to them. How can you extend to someone else, or a group of people, and reach others by being a boundless giver? What kinds of like minds might you attract by offering some of what you have to others who may need it?

Would you like to talk to your audience about abundance? This is an incredible topic for an ebook or course, workshop or class. People have a vague notion of abundance (including me) but it's hard to pin down.

There's a lot to ponder and play around with when considering abundance, and what can become of your life if you can make the shift into giving, sharing, taking a leap of faith, not worrying about who owes you what, and just putting your big, giving heart out there for people to respond to.

Coach Glue has some great content covering abundance in detail. It's their beautiful Abundance Journal- ready for you to use with clients, followers or in a mini group class. December is the season of abundance. Why not jump in with both feet?

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