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Smokin' Coach Marketing Secrets to Get You on the Fast Track to 6-Figure Boss-Babe Status... STAT.

6 Figure Coaching Secrets

Hey, coach, tired of spinning your wheels but feeling like a worker bee instead of a total boss-babe? Take heed, I'm about to reveal some of the finest and most coveted coaching secrets on the web that ALL the coaches would LOVE to get their hands on and start putting to work in their online businesses.

PLUS... you'll learn the productivity power move that more than 35,000 coaches are already making use of to catapult their businesses to the TOP of the heap!

Here's what you get, FREE on this page right now:

Content publishing secret shortcuts (that are totally legal AND legit); online course-creation crash course; life and time-saving templates to free up your precious hours and get your summer back; plus ALL the essential coach marketing tools you need to bring your coaching practice up to speed in these crazy times!

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Killer Content Publishing Tips for Coaches:

Are You a Coach, Writing Your Own Web Content from Scratch? Here are 3 Ways You May be Unintentionally Sabotaging Your Own Success

Coach Writing Your Own Web Content

If you're a business coach or life coach who's taken to the world wide web in an effort to begin a riveting dialogue with the entire planet, we applaud you!

You heard the rumors, you heeded all of the good advice from those who came before. Now you're out there, talking your walk, with your own blog. There's no better or smarter way to gain a loyal following than by publishing unique content that reflects your business savvy and expertise.

However, this whole "being discovered on the web" thing definitely has its share of curveballs that you'll want to dodge as you make your way toward being the "it-coach" of the year.

These are the little mistakes that cost us big bank along the way. If you're just starting out as a certified coach, no one's apt to tell you... so let us be the first.

3 mistakes new coaches make when stepping out to brand themselves online by writing original content from scratch:

Mistake #1. Failure to Blog on a Routine Basis

Publishing one or two articles and calling it quits is simply not enough to get you out there and seen by the people who want what you sell. Sure, the sage advice you share in one unforgettable blog post could change a life... but it still is not enough! Content publishing for coaches MUST be an ongoing process. The more you blog, the more your words get indexed by search engines. And the more likely you'll be found by someone out there who wants exactly what you have to offer!

How to tackle the problem of not blogging often enough: 

First, you've got to ditch the perfectionist attitude. Blogging is a lot like keeping a clean house. If you view it as an all-consuming project where you must attend to every single detail every time, you'll become overwhelmed and unable to pen a single sentence before you even fire up your computer. So if you intend to be prolific, lower your blogging standards.

Remember that blogging works "on the fly." If you catch a mistake or want to add something later, it's easy as logging in, making a quick edit and hitting publish.

Another way to get yourself into a regular blogging groove is by setting a publishing schedule for yourself. You might even dream up themes. Motivation Monday, Tech Tuesday, Wow-me Wednesday, Thank you Thursday, Freebie Friday. See, that's kind of compelling, isn't it! There's something pleasing (for both the writer and the reader) when a blog is set up in categories from the get-go.

What happens on the days when you just don't have it in you to blog? Well, you can either outsource the task to a freelance writer... or, you can keep a stash of go-to articles on hand to pull out when the creative juices run dry. Maybe even both!

If you're the type who loves to edit, having a rough draft to work from may just inspire you to put your own heart and soul into some pre-existing content and make those ideas your own. Or, if making outlines is your thing... craft a rough plan of the day or week's blog posts, then have a ghostwriter flesh out the article details for you. The important thing is to keep on producing!

Final tip: Be like Nike: Just do it! The more you start thinking of yourself as a content generating machine, the more likely you are to become a regular blogger with a loyal following of eager readers who hang on to your every word.

Mistake #2. Always Sounding Like a Sales Letter

Have you ever noticed that more and more coaches seem to be stepping out on social media, utilizing that "sales letter" format, but at the WRONG time and for the WRONG audience? While sales letter copy certainly has its place when it's time to pitch a new product or promote a coaching package... sounding like a walking sales pitch can definitely put the kaibosh on new business relationships before they even start.

Anyone who's done their share of reading online knows that unique blend of colloquial style that bloggers seem to embody with such ease in their writing. You're informing... but you're not being formal. While there is definitely a time and a place for formal writing, if you're going to be a business blogging boss-lady or boss-man then it helps to perfect your writing tone and style. The coach's blogging voice can be a bit tricky to nail down when you're first starting out with writing your own content. But, like anything, practice makes perfect.

How to tackle the problem of being too salesy in your blog posts, email drafts or other professional writing online:

If you're having trouble developing a natural rapport with your blog readers, just think of how you'd say things if writing an email to a friend who had questions about getting started in online business. Or, consider the tone you'd take when crafting an answer to someone's question in an online forum or social media group. This is the very same voice - one that combines friendly with professional, blends casual with formal, and above all, provides helpful details and answers.

Want a neat trick that's sure to put you on the fast track to blogging like a champ, sounding like a real, genuine professional person and not a canned sales pitch? Just write yourself a list of questions that your ideal reader or client might ask. Then answer them as best as you can! Now, you've shifted to an informative, instructional tone in your writing. This is exactly what you need to sound like in your blog and email newsletter!

Mistake #3: Failure to Proofread

You've probably come across the occasional typo in other people's blogs. Let's face it, with all of the expectations of high and frequent output as well as the fast, on-the-go pace of blogging... a mistake or two is bound to creep in every now and then. If you make one and someone catches it and points out your error, don't sweat it. You know how to log in. Just fix it and move on!

But even so... careless errors can cost us dearly, especially when readers assume we're experts who should be emulated. Think about it: what's your reaction when you see typos in your local newspaper or some other authoritative resource? Don’t you wonder why they don’t have a proofreader on the payroll? Your readers will likely form negative opinions of you if you come across as a "sloppy" blogger.

They might even think, "Hey, if this person can't even take the time to edit her writing before publishing... how many mistakes might she make when helping me with MY projects and professional goals?"

Take a few minutes to give each new post or blog page a quick run-through before hitting publish. As much as is humanly possible, try to polish and perfect everything you share on your blog. The last thing you want is for people to become captivated by your headlines, but discouraged when they see careless mistakes as they read down the page.

How to tackle the problem of being a rapid-fire blogger who makes careless writing mistakes:

If you'd like to avoid being known as that sloppy blogger, careless coach or professional person who doesn't proofread, then here's what you have to do. STOP rushing through the task of writing website content. Instead, give yourself some time to draft up a new article. Then, step away from it for a few hours, maybe even a day. Return to the article-writing process, taking a critical, editorial eye to what's been written. Make changes as necessary. Give your article a final run-through. Oh, and don't forget Spell Check! (Just know that MS Word's grammar and spelling checker still won't take the place of a human proofreader.)

One of the best things you can ever do for your coaching business, especially if writing is not your top strength, is hire a writing expert or VA to edit and proofread your articles.

Professional and Affordable, Done-for-You Coaching Content

The brilliant coach marketing experts of Coach Glue take great pride in delivering top quality, done-for-you content to use in endless business publishing applications. Edit, put your name on and publish this content any way you like, to help build your coaching empire online. And if it's coaching programs that you need to boost sales revenue, there's no better source for incredible, done-for-you courses, workshops, planners, e-guides, exercises, checklists, and more.

Check out Coach Glue's "Top 3 Ways to Start Your Coaching Program for your First or Next Recurring Income Stream" now. This is a Free Guide for you to Try Out. Enjoy!


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Secrets to Putting Successful Coaching Systems in Place

What do Successul Coaches Have that You Need? Sleek, Seggsy Systems...

Successful Coaches with Seggsy Systems

Hey, my busy coach: are you wondering what it takes to crawl out from under that pressing pile of projects? Do you ever feel like you're busy preaching a certain kind of cool, collected coach's success story to your fans and followers... but secretly living the stressed-out life of an overworked, understaffed, utter hot mess?

Why does it seem like the industry's top earners have all the time in the world to share snapchats of leisurely days relaxing poolside, or dining, wining, even ziplining, in exotic locations... and then suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, they've just rolled out their next big-selling launch? The cold, hard truth is that what you may be resisting in your coaching business is the very same thing you keep on telling your clients that they should be doing more of. And that is: putting systems into place.

"All Systems Go" Means Less Stress and More Success for your Coaching Practice.

Systems... it's such a dry, clinical word. And yet systems are EXACTLY what you need to shave hours off your daily working life as a business professional. So let's talk about putting some very sexy systems into place that will drastically improve your productivity, get you MORE paying clients while doing far LESS work... and best of all, get you out of your own way when it comes to finally being that real-life, high-income-earning boss-babe you've always dreamed of becoming!

Coaching System 1: Discovery Call Scripts Help You Close the Sale

Coach, how many calls are you booking every week? Getting new people on discovery calls is the key to landing more clients, and closing the sale on that call is critical. And yet... having calls with new clients takes up a LOT of time and energy, doesn't it. You never know what twists and turns the conversation may take. And sometimes, to be honest, your head's just not in the game. So what's an overworked, talked-out coach with too many discovery calls to do?

Put a discovery call system in place, and you’ll soon find that you close a higher percentage of sales than ever before. All it takes is a winning call script that you use as a general guideline for the call with each new prospect.

No more stress over what to say or how to transition into the sales portion of the call. It’s all in the script. And what’s more, you know it works.

System 2: Email Autoresponder Scripts Help You Connect With Clients

Hit the target market with your newsletterEmail is a HUGE must in the coaching industry. In fact, email is how people expect to conduct business almost exclusively these days. We've talked before about getting more subscribers on your email list. That starts with compelling blog content that answers questions your readers have about being in business for themselves.

But after they read the content, where do they go next? You should ideally be shuttling them onto an email list by having a prominently-placed signup nearby the article of yours that they just found and read. The next logical step once they become your subscriber, is to reach out and tap their hot-button touch points. You've got to start connecting with a weekly newsletter at minimum!

So, when a new person lands on your list, what happens? Do you contact them personally? If you do, we applaud your Herculean effort, BUT there's a far easier way. You can quickly and easily build powerful relationships with your subscribers simply by creating an email sequence that goes out to each and every new subscriber on specified days.

And if you’re using a sophisticated campaign builder such as ConvertKit, Ontraport or Infusionsoft, you can take your automations to the next level by seamlessly moving subscribers from one funnel to the next based on the actions they take. This powerful system–once it’s up and running–can literally put money in your bank account each and every day, and it’s totally hands off for you.

System 3: Proven Landing Page Templates to Increase Your Opt-In Rates

There are so many great landing page builders now. For instance, LeadPages  provides dozens of drag-and-drop templates, making it easy and fast to create opt-in and sales pages. Business owners don’t have to struggle with design and layout–or hire a designer–to build an enticing funnel. If you use opt-in pages in your business, then this is one system that can save you hundreds of hours of time…not to mention frustration.

It’s easy to see you can systematize almost every aspect of your business and save time and money in the process. From product funnel building to product creation to team management to bookkeeping, marketing, client care and beyond, nearly every task you or your team does can (and should) be a part of a proven system. Take the time to create your systems now, and in no time at all you’ll be as productive as those top earners, and you’ll leave others wondering how you manage to get it all done.

System 4: Systematize Your Business Foundation

Are you ready to put the power of systems to work for you? At Coach Glue, they’ve created a series of coaching business forms and templates to help you manage every aspect of your business, from finding and onboarding new clients to getting paid to tracking your income and expenses.

Their done-for-you coaching forms are fully customizable, and will help you create scripts and form letters for yourself and your team to use in every situation. Share them with your support staff, your executive VA, and your sales team, and your business will run much more smoothly and be much more predictable as well.

17 Ready-to-Use Coaching Forms With Your FREE Coach Glue New Client KitCheck out their selection of done-for-you forms. You can get 17 free right here:

17 Ready-to-Use Coaching Forms With Your FREE Coach Glue New Client Kit

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Tough Talks Conflict Resolution Templates

Coaches Deal With Conflict Every Day. Here's How to Sail Through "The Conversation You Dread Having" and Ultimately Accomplish What You Want With Clients.

Coaching Client Conversations

Not only is conflict a normal part of everyday life, but if you're a business coach (or you have a business in any capacity), then it's something you're going to deal with on a fairly regular basis.

In fact, effective conflict management is a natural trait of capable leaders. If you're a coach, this is something you'll be teaching to your clients. The best way to be a teacher is to thoroughly master the skill first!

What type of conflicts will business owners, or coaches in particular, typically encounter? Well, there will definitely be some coach-to-client conflicts. Things like haggling over price (probably the most common conflict!), or time as it relates to paid services (because after all, time is money, especially when you trade dollars for hours).

Conflicts often come up over contracts. Either you or the client may wish to suddenly break off the relationship. It could be a personality difference, clash in working styles, or a change in priorities.

Or, maybe the conflict is happening with someone on your support team; your virtual assistant or ghostwriter. They may be missing work deadlines that they committed to. Things are becoming awkward, and it's clear that The Difficult Conversation needs to happen. How will you handle it?

Set the Stage for Negotiation and Compromise.

Remember that conflicts often happen as a result of misunderstanding. So your best bet is to start with questions rather than accusations or assumptions. Remember, too, that tech snafus can result in unintentional mix-ups. Offer benefit of the doubt until you can hear the other side. It helps to have your lines rehearsed going in:

All of these conversation starters invite openness and idea sharing, and rather than feeling stressed and closed down, the other person will be more open to a productive conversation.

Business conflict is actually an opportunity to negotiate. So if you know that a situation has arisen that needs fixing, you can go into the difficult conversation with a sense of what you are willing to concede on or give in order to make things work. For example, if a client and you are haggling over hours/pricing, you might approach with an offer for flat-rate monthly services.

Whatever the trouble, have at least one potential solution in mind before you initiate the conversation. Also remember, this talk may come as a surprise to the other person. Your VA may not realize that missing deadlines is causing a problem for you. Your JV partner might have not realized he or she missed a payment.

By providing at least one potential solution, you’ll avoid the awkward back-and-forth, go-nowhere conversation that ends in frustration. (“I don’t know, what do you think we should do?”)

Get Those Tough Talks Down to a Formula... with These Helpful Scripts from Coach Glue

Do you REALLY dread having those "tough talks" with your business associates? The problems you face in your business are more common than you think. Imagine how much easier things could be with a pre-written template that you could customize each time the same challenge happens again but with someone new. You could set it up in a new email, customize with specifc details, and send it right out to get the conversational ball rolling before you even pick up the phone.

Done-for-you email scripts from Coach GlueDone-for-you email scripts from Coach Glue can help you diffuse tense situations with clients, team members and creative partners. There's no better way to become a champ at confict management when you've got 10 complete conversational scripts to work from.

You get a stress-free way to deal with the unpleasant issues that sometimes arise in business, and your clients receive thoughtful, caring responses.

Grab Your Tough Talks Letter Templates from Coach Glue right here


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It Really IS About Growing Your List.


How to Get More Subscribers That Convert to Coaching Clients and Customers

Higher Conversions

You've probably heard that in order to attract new clients, you've got to position yourself as the expert. That's priority one in the realm of coach marketing, no matter what niche you specialize in as a coach. But when people come across articles that you wrote and shared in your blog or on social media... what happens after they read?

Ideally, you'd want them to get on your mailing list so you can stay in touch. The email list is how information seekers become followers who become raving fans who one day buy from you.

Think about it this way. Email allows you to reach out to your potential clients right where they live—in their inbox—and to stay connected even if they don’t visit your site or follow you on social media.

But first, you have to get them on your mailing list, and with so much information overwhelm happening online nowadays, it's not enough just to hit publish. You've got to attract them with a compelling opt-in offer.

Offer your readers a plethora of email and social media challenges throughout the year.

These days, peeps want productivity boosters and they want results. Action taking is more typical, and desired, than ever. So if your words truly inspire people to take action then they're sure to keep on paying attention to what you have to say.

This is the reason why email and social media challenges have become all the rage. Think 7-Day Wellness Challenge, 30 Days to a more positive attitude, 14 days to streamline your wardrobe. Five days to become an email marketer. And so forth.

A daily or weekly challenge is an easy way to help someone achieve their goals while holding them accountable and spurring them on to success. Plus, they get to be free from long-term commitments or binding contracts. For now, it's all about this thing they want to achieve, and you'll be guiding them every step of the way thanks to your emails that are chock full of helpful tips and encouragement.

Popular challenges include daily blogging, eating healthier, exercising more, and focused marketing strategies. Sending out an email challenge to your private list is essentially saying "Hey, let's team up and accomplish more together than we could have alone!" This helps people feel included and that is a huge way to connect with your readers.

Share Checklists & Worksheets with the people who join your mailing list.

Checklists and Worksheets for Coaches

Sometimes the simplest opt-in gifts are the best, and that’s certainly the case with checklists and worksheets.

In fact, because these one- or two-page PDFs are easy to use and quick to read through, they’re often much more popular than longer ebooks, videos and other downloadables.

Not only that, but if you pull them from your own business documentation or start with done-for-you content, you can create a new opt-in incentive in minutes.

Coaching Templates Let You Set it and Forget It!

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s an easier way to do something. Whether it’s writing an email, creating an opt-in page, designing a graphic, or posting to your blog, having a template to start with makes the whole process faster and more efficient.

When you offer done-for-you templates to share with your readers, they get a chance to see exactly how you work. This is a brilliant way to slow-convert prospects to future clients while offering them information they can put to use immediately.

Templates which come straight from you will give your readers a peek behind the curtain of your business so they'll have a preview of exactly how you handle everyday tasks. They also serve as a simple training tool for up-and-comers in your industry who may one day join your team! Imagine, too, the possibilities of working together with someone who knows, loves and actually utilizes the very same templates that YOU employ each day as a successful coach! Brilliant.

Use Free Webinars to Get More Signups to Your List

When it comes to list building, you really can’t do better than webinars. Regardless of your niche, offering a one-hour free training will really get your subscriber numbers up. In fact, one recent survey by On24.com shows that on average, a webinar generates 488 registrations.

Not bad for a few hours of work, huh?

Want to make lead generation even easier?

The collection of planners, forms, Teach Your Tribe kits and complete, done-for-you workshops at CoachGlue.com offer endless opportunities to provide your subscribers with exactly what they need to help start or grow their business.

Webinar in a Box Coach GlueYou can easily turn one of their planners into a 7-day email challenge to help your potential clients grow their businesses. Webinar In a Box gives you all the checklists you need to create a lead generating webinar, and the included “assistant checklist” or outsourcing agenda would make a great resource for your readers.

And speaking of webinars, both the Teach Your Tribe kits and done-for-you workshops include webinar scripts, slide decks and handouts. All you have to do is choose the time for your event and invite your readers.

Learn more about "Webinar in a Box" for Coaches


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Create Coaching Revenue Streams WITHOUT Adding Billable Hours

4 Ways to Leverage Your Coaching Business and Increase Your Income

Are you ready to leverage your business and jump to the next level of income? Do you long to be the next Ali Brown or Carrie Wilkerson? There’s certainly room for more top coaches in the world and your 1:1 coaching clients are certainly important but the key to expansion is to make your expertise available to more people in your target audience.

Not sure how to do that? Let’s explore your options.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching High FivesOne way to reach more of your target audience is to hold group coaching sessions. Usually these are held in a webinar room with the ability to show slides, to record the sessions, and to even have yourself on webcam.

If you’re not comfortable being on camera, you can also host teleseminars which are audio only. Now, instead of charging one person a fee for personal coaching, you can host 10-20 people at a time who are all paying a fee and still receiving your personal assistance.

Before you go signing up for a webinar service, let’s do some planning about your sessions. In order to attract the right people, you need to plan your topics, how many sessions you need, and what you’ll offer at the end of the coaching session.

Coach Glue Teach Your TribeIf you’re cringing at the idea of having to plan your talk and your slides for a webinar, have no fear! The experts at CoachGlue.com have done all the planning and work for you with our Teach Your Tribe kits. (The most current kit offered in their rotating monthly content club is pictured here, but subject to change.)

Each done-for-you kit focuses on a specific topic and offers scripts, slides, and worksheets…everything you would ever need to hold group coaching sessions. 

Check out the Teach your Tribe kits here.


Paid Training Products

Paid products are attractive to a lot of coaches because you create the product one time and keep making sales, which is mostly passive income. Once again, you’re sharing your expertise with more people who will likely follow you on social media, sign up for your email list, and hopefully will become coaching clients one day.

Ghostwriters can be expensive when it comes to creating these paid products. In fact, did you know it can run you up to thousands to have a ghostwriter custom-create training materials for business? Thanks goodness CoachGlue.com provides done-for-you Coaching Workshops containing four lesson modules, checklists, and action worksheets. All you need to do is add your own personal touches and your paid product is ready in half the time and for far smaller of an investment than it would take a professional ghostwriter to complete it.

Live Retreats

Coaching Live Retreats

When your sales and income start to increase, choose your most popular group coaching program and create a live weekend retreat where clients will pay top dollar to learn from you and stay in a posh or otherwise inviting locale.

The location of your live retreat is entirely up to you, and will reflect your personality as well as jive with the clients and followers who have aligned with how you do business and celebrate life every day.

Your live coaching event can certainly be hosted at a vacation resort, but it doesn't have to. It could be something more intimate and rustic, like a writers' retreat up at a mountain lake where you've hired a personal cook and housekeeper. Or perhaps a spa weekend with yoga and meditation is more your flavor, with periods of rest and bursts of creativity. It's your event, coach, and it's up to you to style it with your own personal touch.

Certainly much planning is needed to host a live event but your virtual assistant can help with those details and your content is already prewritten.

Or make it a casual mastermind retreat, like the ladies at Beachpreneurs.com do.

Other Ways to Get Out There and Be Seen

Increase Exposure for Your Coaching Business

Another idea is to record videos using snippets of your CoachGlue.com scripts or a few of the PowerPoint slides. Short videos posted on YouTube and social media will act as a product teaser, giving your audience a sneak peek at what you have to offer.

You can certainly focus on one of these new income streams at a time or you can take this done-for-you content and format a completely unique program, utilizing both group coaching and paid products. Offer the paid product to your group coaching clients. Gift some of the worksheets as bonuses to either the group coaching clients or to the paid program. Using our content, you can create your own coaching sales funnel and increase your pricing as the products become bigger. Simply edit the done-for-you content, add your own expertise to it, put your logo on it, and sell it as your own.

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Launch Your Next Coaching Course in as Soon as ONE Weekend

Coach Glue Done-for-You Course page

Done-for-you coaching courses put you in the driver's seat of turbo-charged, course creation success. If you've had it with painstakingly slow "how to create a course" courses that have you strumming your fingers on the desk waiting for the next email to trickle in, then giving up by the week's end... fret no more! Coach Glue's prewritten courses are actually complete drafts that you get to sub in your own branding, images, weave in a unique theme, and pack up all ready to sell with just a few hours of tweaking.

Go directly to Coach Glue's Done-for-You Course page right now


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Necessary Forms for Professional Coaches

5 Must-Have Business Forms to Help You Avoid Client Misunderstandings

Sometimes misunderstandings happen, even between the best of friends, which is why you should have the proper paperwork in place for your coaching business to prevent an awkward situation. Your expertise is certainly the foundation of your business but the necessary forms also lend support to the structure of your business.

Where to Start

Don’t get sidetracked with the creation of the forms. I’ll show you where to get these for free.

Here’s a list of common forms all coaches should use to avoid misunderstandings and possible legal action.

Coaching Business Contracts and Agreements

Coaching Agreement – spell everything out as clear as day. Include the expectations of both you and the new client for each of your sessions. Don’t assume anything. If it’s not spelled out in this agreement, it doesn’t happen. Make sure your client understands and reads the agreement, too.

Confidentiality Agreement – this protects both you and your client. Everything shared between you and the client remains confidential by both parties. This allows your client to be more open and honest without fear that secrets will be revealed to any third party.

Client Invoice and Payment Arrangement Forms – just as the coaching agreement is specific, so is this payment form. Your agreed upon pricing plus any special payment plans should be filled out, signed, and fully understood prior to the first session.

Intake Form – this will likely be the first form filled out, simply gathering information about your client and specifics about what they need from a coach and what they hope to accomplish with these sessions. You’ll know from this form if this client is a right fit for you or not.

Business Goals Worksheet – an action plan should always be a part of the client’s homework and this form helps spell out what they need to focus on and what action steps are necessary. Some people are better at taking action than others but with this form there’s no hiding the next steps.

"How Coaching Works" Form – not all coaches work the same or have the same processes and each client should be fully aware of those things. Using a form like this explains the expectations you have as a coach and how the client should prepare for the next session. The only way coaching is beneficial is if the client does the work. Remember, you’re not a hand holder, you’re a coach.

Stop Drowning in Paperwork

Paperwork can become overwhelming for a busy coach. But yet you can avoid having to start from scratch each time. Done-for-you coaching forms from Coach Glue are extremely easy to store on your computer and email to a new client to fill out and return. Just set yourself up for success by organizing this and ALL of your coaching content in labeled folders.

When it's time to email a contract or waiver form out to a new client, just navigate to the folder where your forms live. Pop open the document, fill in the missing details. Give it another once-over to be sure all copy is pertinent and correct. Add any missing details. Attach to an email, and your new client contract is on the way!

As always, use the forms that make the most sense to you and forget about the rest. It’s always better to start off with too many forms than to realize after a problem arises that you were missing Coach Glue Ready-to-Use Coaching Formssomething crucial. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Grab 17 Ready-to-Use Coaching Forms With Your FREE Coach Glue New Client Kit Right Here


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Hiring the Ideal Ghostwriter for You

Key Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Ghostwriter

Interviewing a GhostwriterDo you know other coaches who always seem to be rolling out new and exciting products, keeping up with email and maybe even have some time for a personal life outside of work?

Coaches who kill it online do so because they've formed a dream team who can take those tiresome tasks off their hands. A major support person who can quickly become your right-hand (err, WRITE hand?) woman or man, could just be your perfect ghostwriter.

It may take a bit of trial and error before settling on a writer who truly knows how to craft content in your own voice. That sounds impossible, but it really isn't.

The "voice" of a coach is typically authoritative, informative, a tad formal at times, but also it should embody the unique flavor of your personality. When it's time to get a little colloquial in your content (and you well should, that's how people get to know the real you), what catch-phrases would be your signature style?

What types of phrases or words would you NEVER say? A high-level ghostwriter will, after a few assignments, have your writing voice nailed down to a tee.

But even so, ghostwriters are available for different hourly rates and they certainly can vary in ability, turnaround, experience and other factors. So whomever you end up trusting to hand over you coaching content creation should deliver what YOU want.

Maybe you like to edit the drafts and insert your own little special something before hitting publish. Then someone who writes in a more generic tone might just be the ideal ghostwriter for you.

Below, find some questions to ask while interviewing a ghostwriter to write for you.

1. "What's your experience with writing website content?"

Ask how many years the writer has been in business. Ask how their experience might prove useful in your future projects together. The more experience a ghostwriter might have that reflects knowledge and proficiency in your industry, the more of a valued asset he or she will be to your business.

It may be tempting to hire someone fresh out of college for a lower rate, but don't do it. You'll be sacrificing extra hours getting him or her comfortable with a higher level of writing sophistication. This could even take years! Do you have years to spare as you grow your business?

2. "What niches have you written for in the past?"

Many writers boast a vast and varied portfolio, having written professional copy across a multitude of industries. While this may be encouraging overall, ultimately you want this person to be able to slide right into doing work for you with just a brief learning curve to quickly get past because the material is familiar to him or her already.

Consider whether the niches that he or she is comfortable with translate to coaching. For example, maybe the ghostwriter you're interviewing has not technically written for a coach before, BUT this person has run a self development blog for many years and possesses the natural writing voice to match your own life coaching services. A person like that would definitely be a contender as your future employee.

3. "Would you share some writing samples?"

By far the best way to know if a writer will be able to easily adapt your writing style and create compelling content in your industry is by reviewing sample of work they've produced for other clients. Even if they have not written for a coach before, as mentioned, they may have experience running their own blog, website or mailing list. Anything business-writing related, such as marketing emails, sales letters, informative articles, courses, planners, and workshops, count in a freelancer's favor. If the writer is lacking in samples to share, you can also suggest that he or she do a sample assignment to give you a test run and feel out the flow of how you'll be working together.

4. "What's your hourly or project-based rate?"

A good freelance writer who has his or her stuff together will be able to quickly estimate a writing rate for clients. He or she may know that $70 per hour is the desired rate they'd like to be compensated. Plus, with experience under their belt, they may already know that it'll typically take 3 to 5 hours to put together a coach's monthly newsletter.

So the ballpark rate for monthly newsletter service might be $210 to $350. This is just one example that can vary greatly from writer to writer and project to project. From there you two can haggle a bit until you lock in a firm flat rate for repeat service.

5. "Can you provide a typical turnaround time for ______ project?"

If you need ten branding articles written, then ask how long the lead time would be after given the basic content outline. Or if this is a website creation project, how long would it take them to turn around 7 pages?

Keep in mind that ghostwriters have multiple clients, much like you have multiple coaching clients. So it’s unfair and unreasonable to expect assignments to be completed in 24 hours. Another question to ask here is do they have a rush fee if you do need something turned around faster. This is another time when having a calendar of tasks will benefit you. Discuss your first deadline with the candidates and ask who is able to complete it by then.

Your Personal Ghostwriting Team

Coach Glue is Like a Ghostwriting Team

If you find that a personal ghostwriter is out of your budget at the moment or it’s just too darned much hassle, take advantage of the personal ghostwriting team at CoachGlue.com and all of the done-for-you content they create.

An example of this is their weekly newsletter planners. You can use it to plan your own newsletters. Then you can turn around and share the planners with your own clients, who will be creating their own newsletters! Done-for-you content is pretty excellent that way.

ALL of the content you purchase from CoachGlue can be edited, your name put on it, your website and contact info added, your personal case studies added…it’s all yours to do what you wish. They offer many packages to suit your needs and this is a great way to experiment with outsourcing your writing. They’re available to help you move ahead in your business! From done-for-you blog posts to entire workshops, Coach Glue has got you covered.

Go here to expore the done-for-you coaching content packages from Coach Glue's profilific and proficient writing team!

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Putting Content Creation on Autopilot

3 Strategies for Quick & Easy Content Creation

No matter what business you’re in, if you’re marketing your products and services (and you no doubt are) then you’re most likely creating content. Lots and lots of content.

Blog posts. Emails. Opt-in gifts. Books. Membership programs. Videos. Podcasts…

The list is endless. In fact, you probably spend the majority of your workday creating content. And it’s still not enough.

Sound familiar? What if you could quickly and easily create more content, without spending hours at the keyboard?

Content Creation Strategy #1: Crowdsource it.

Think you can’t get other people to write your content without paying them? Think again. You can easily tap into your network of friends, colleagues and even competitors to create an endless stream of content that requires very little work on your part.

Interview the influencers in your niche, either in text or audio. Solicit guest posts for your blog. Build a panel of experts to answer questions for your email subscribers. Host a webinar with a guest speaker. Create a survey and share the results.

The possibilities for creating content based on the input from others is nearly endless, and while all of them require you to play some part, the actual time spent will be minimal.

Content Creation Strategy #2: Repurpose it.

If you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you already have a huge collection of content. You’ve written hundreds of blog posts and emails, recorded dozens of how-to videos, produced several ebooks or guides, and created at least a few presentations.

Don’t let all that content sit around and collect dust! Gather it up, give it a light edit, and put it back to work for you.

Turn a series of blog posts into an ebook to sell, or transform an ebook into a video course. Membership sites become books for sale in print and on Kindle (with an upsell to the full course), and old blogs find new life (and new readers) with a simple refresher and a date change.

Content Creation Strategy #3: Rebrand it.

Looking for something completely new that you haven’t offered before? Put your keyboard away and discover the power of rebrandable content instead. Prewritten content gives you the flexibility to create exactly what your audience needs and wants, without spending hours (or days) researching and writing.

Looking for top quality, rebrandable content for your coaching audience?

Peruse the top quality, information-rich, done-for-you blog posts, training, workshops, planners and forms at CoachGlue.com. They’ve done all the research and writing, and even created your worksheets and slide decks. All that’s left is for you to add your unique voice and perspective, change up the colors and add your logo. In no time at all, you’ll have ebooks, planners, and even complete training courses ready to sell.

Your audience will love that you keep them up to date on the latest trends, and you’ll love how quickly you can create new content with little to no writing involved.

Click here to check out Coach Glue's newest packages.


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4 Ways to Make Over Your Website

Website Makeover: 4 WaysWhat does your website say about you and your business? Is it working for you by bringing prospects into your sales funnel or by guiding them to your phone number for a consult? Or is it just taking up internet real estate and collecting virtual dust bunnies while other coaches grab up your prospects?

Your website should be so much more than a static business card and deserves a facelift – or at least a copy update – annually. Your visitors will make a decision in about two seconds whether to stay on your site or to click away so make the most of this time by creating eye-grabbing graphics and telling your visitors exactly what you do and who you are. That’s a lot to do in a very short amount of time.

1. Outsource professional graphics.

Your website header, headshot, and brand colors are the first things that will catch people’s attention so make sure they are professionally done. Hire a photographer for professional headshots (or at the very least a friend with a really good camera). Hire a graphic designer who can design a stunning logo and help you choose colors that match your brand image. Always use high-resolution graphics on your website and professional printed pieces to avoid blurry or pixelated images, which do not scream “professional” to your prospects.

2. Edit your About page.

You have permission to write in a conversational tone on your About page, unless your market includes Fortune 500 executives, attorneys, bankers, or other professions that expect very formal information. Otherwise let your personality and humor shine through as you relate the details of how you got started in your business and who you consider your ideal client. Some About pages are comprised of two paragraphs while others seem to go on forever. If you opt for a longer page, be sure there’s a reason for the length and that you add some humor and strong storytelling techniques to keep your audience scrolling til the end.

3. Avoid using too much jargon.

Yes, there IS such a thing as using too many words to say absolutely nothing. Often this happens when you’re trying to use too many buzzwords or industry jargon. Get to the point quickly by explaining in as few words as possible what you do and who you serve. Of course, you can get into more detail when you describe your packages or when you start to correspond with prospects but on your website you want to get those points across quickly.

4. Is your website design or theme easy to navigate?

Ultimately you want prospects to sign up for your email list and/or book a discovery call, so look at your website design and determine if those two options are placed prominently. Make it as easy as possible for possible clients to reach you. If they have to click too many times or their clicks lead them to some random article that they didn’t want, they will click away and the opportunity will be lost. Consider using a pop-up that appears before people leave your site and also hire a professional designer who can make these changes much faster than you can.

What Else Can You Do to Get More Clients?

Client Getting Website PlannerThe best-laid plans get you new clients, and that's what Coach Glue's “Map Out Your Client-Getting Website Pages achieves for you! This top quality resource walks you through the exact steps needed to create stunning web pages that will attract your prospects to either join your list or book a call.

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