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Coaching Product Creation: Ebooks and Courses Make the Money Connect With Your Future Customers

If you're a coach or therapist, you know that there are an awful lot of people out there in need of support around their relationship struggles.

Yet one of the challenges of being a coach, psychology professional is that you may not be reaching your ideal client. They often don't have the insurance coverage or personal funds to pay for routine hourly sessions that can quickly run into the thousands.

Here's how website marketing works as a profit generator and valid way to affordably offer needed support to others.

On your website, you should be collecting email addresses. This become a list of people who want to hear from you and are likely to sign up for reasonably priced self-coaching courses. The whole concept actually makes things more affordable for everyone. Let's look at why.

Suppose that your hourly is $200 but a potential client, Nancy, doesn't have that in the budget. You need income and Nancy needs your advice -- in fact, badly. But you aren't a match because of the money disconnect.

Now, if you take your knowledge and turn it into an ebook or email course, you're packaging up helpful advice and coping skills that would work not only for Nancy, but for countless others like her.

So when you work on attracting more people like Nancy to your list (by way of publishing great tips on your blog, social accounts, etc), the number of people who trust you for advice and support will continue to grow. And once many of them become customers, you can design your product line that WILL be a match for this audience.

You can finally come up with a fair and affordable price for things like a pre-packaged, self-coaching course that covers a common problem like, say, Dealing with Difficult People.

So now suppose you charge just $25 for your ebook or email course on this topic. You've got 500 people on your list, and 20% of them buy after you promote the ebook for about 2 weeks.

So that's 100 people, each of whom paid $25 for your advice, which is much more doable for them than that $250 one-on-one coaching or counseling fee for one hour. Now you've generated 2500 in income.

Your customers get to walk away empowered and equipped to handle their problems. They've only parted with $25, and they will likely return to eagerly invest in the next course that you put out. And the best part is that you can cycle through your promotion of this very same ebook, in the same way that stores like Target bring out their Christmas decorations each November.

Our Dealing with Difficult People PLR content can be yours to put your own name and branding on, add educational elements, infuse your own ideas, edit any way you like, and publish and sell as your own.

That's the beauty of private label rights info products. This content will make a great ebook or course launch for the cooped-up winter months when people really start to get on each other's nerves :).

The sales page to learn more about what's included is here.

And if you really like this whole idea of having access to high quality content to use in your product creation and marketing online, then check out the option to sign up for our Life Coach, Self Help & Mental Health PLR Monthly at a reduced intro price. You'll see more info at the bottom of the sales page.


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