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Coach, Have You Set Up Your Product Suite Yet? Learn How and Teach Your Clients, Too

Hello, friend... I wanted to talk to you about the products you offer on your website. DO you offer products?

If not, today could be the day this changes, and you change your life.

If you're working yourself to an early grave trying to persuade clients to pay hourly fees that are not in the budget, you're doing it wrong.

Listen to this:

Your time equals money. So if you bring home 7K this month, but your calculated hourly rate spent working to make that money turns out to be $10 per hour, you did not win. And you should win!

To do online business right, a great coach should be out in front of everybody, AND be able to sell products rather than services.

So you create something once, then you sell it to different people, and you make money over and over again. 

To do this even better, have "something for everybody" on your website.

And you most definitely need to be adding new subscribers to your mailing list every single day, AND communicating with them often. 

A lot of coaches and experts don't understand this fact of having a successful online business!

So they don't make as much as they'd like. Or, they do make money, but they have absolutely no time left to do the things they like to do. 

Thinking About Your Online Business Model or "Suite" of Products

It's not a recent phenomenon that the way to make serious money online is by creating a "funnel" or stepladder of product offerings. (I think at one point in the early '00s, one high-profile coach was calling it the ice cream cone model.)

The point is, your ideal product model is shaped like a triangle or pyramid.

On the bottom of the triangle are the lowest priced products, which will likely be your biggest sellers.

The top of the triangle has your highest-priced packages and one-on-one coaching. You'll sell less of these, but make more with each sale.

Your job is to fill the mid-range tiers with mid-range products.

How far each customer will invest up the ladder will be up to them. Not everyone will reach the top, but some will, and that's potential income for you.

The point is, your customers won't invest with you unless you build the triangle!

(I should have a graphic for this, but I'm a writer. Maybe some other time.)

If you're starting out with NO products, but want to get something going quickly, here's a perfect jumping point, and I've got a fantastic workshop that will teach you how:

Step 1: Create an Ebook
Step 2: Expand the Ebook into an Online Course
Step 3: Upsell to Your Coaching Package

Okay, Let's Think About How People Spend Money With You as Their Coach

Coach, consider this: you might get one customer who's willing to bank $7K of their money on your services this year.

But you also might get 100 customers who're willing to invest $70 on your offerings.

So which is better? Why not BOTH?

That's exactly what happens when you create a low-end product suite, and this is what Coach Glue teaches in their "6-Figure Low End Product Suite" workshop.

Want to hit six figures sooner than later? Bet your clients do.

Build Your Six-Figure Low-End Product Suite - Limited Time Only Course to Learn from, then Brand and Sell as Your Own
This info-rich, value-packed online course from Coach Glue will teach you AND your clients how to build yours.

Bump up your income substantially while GREATLY reducing the amount of hours you spend working at the computer.

It's time you (and they) got your beautiful product suite out there for the world to benefit from!

Here's a starting point for you to take action:

Grab a GREAT deal on this pre-written workshop content that you can edit however you like, then brand as your own and set up as an online course to sell to your readers.

So even if you know nothing about building a low-end product suite, by the end of this workshop, you will. And then you can turn around and profit when you share this information with the people on your list!

Build Your Six-Figure Low-End Product Suite - Done-for-You Workshop Content

Each module in this workshop is designed for you to walk your clients through building their own low-end product offerings. Including:

Using this content, you can either:

1) Create a high-end group mastermind program where you run a 4-week training program that also includes a 30-minute 1:1 call with you and unlimited voxer access to you, plus a private FB group, and perhaps access to some of your other programs.

2) Run a lower cost 4-week workshop program where you teach a new training and Q&A each week in the private FB group.

Pick up your copy of this potentially life-and-business-changing workshop with PLR rights from Coach Glue

"Buy Now" opens up a new page on Coach Glue's site where you can read all the details and order.

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