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43 Awesome, FREE Ideas to Create and Sell Your Next Ecourse

Hey, creative and enterprising friend. :) I'm Dina. I write for a living, and I love helping people succeed in online business. (No, that is not a photo of me. It's a stock image model.)

Have you been following along with Wordfeeder's tips on how an ecourse could be your next side hustle? Well... if you're ready to take the next step and dive into planning, then I'm here to help get you started.

How to Create a High Quality Ecourse on the Cheap?

There are many low-cost ways to create an ecourse to sell on the web that don't involve paying a copywriter OR a designer. For starters, you can collect private label rights content packs that cover topics your readers would want to know more about. We have lots of that - free and low-cost content - here on Wordfeeder.com. Most of the content is written by me. Some of it's created by my writer friends. ALL of it is awesome, original, and you're sure to find something your readers would find useful, in a good variety of popular niches. (Sign up now, the membership's FREE!)

Brainstorm Your Ecourse Topic

If the above sounds cool to you, and you're looking to make some money by sharing what you know and selling it as an ecourse, then let me guide you to the next step: dreaming up a topic that your readers would want to know more about!

Here are a few quick steps to do this:

  1. Write down a list of problems that your readers are burning to solve... OR write a list of topics they might want to know more about and become proficient in.
  2. Figure out how your area of expertise might wrap around their problem or help them learn what they want to know.
  3. Make a list of possible ecourse topics that you could tackle in 30 days!
  4. Run it by your people to see what they'd be into. Take a poll, send a survey... the more insight you have into your audience, the better off you'll be when it's time to write your online course.

How to Price Your Ecourse?

Here's a common question many newbies to online business have. What should I charge for my ecourse? That depends on a few factors - how in-depth you plan to go with the information, how easily they'd be able to come by the information by just searching online for free... and how sought-after of a topic you're planning to cover. Oh, and let's not forget - will this be an ecourse that your people can sit down with in 15 minutes and read cover to cover? Or will your ecourse be more involved, and span an extended period of time?

If your ecourse includes multiple components - for example, a series of daily emails for a month, PLUS one-on-one coaching, PLUS private access to a mastermind group... then you could reasonably charge much more for it than you might a quick ebook. Maybe you could charge hundreds. But if you're just trying to price a quick 10-minute video... then you might just price it at less than $10.

The best way to check and see what people would pay for an ecourse like the one you plan to design is...

How can you make payments less painful for your customers?

If you'd like to offer an ecourse that will cost a few hundred dollars, you can make it less painful for your customers by breaking up the payments incrementally. Think weekly, monthly, or bi-annual payments.

Of course, it's easier to automate payments if you use a member software... but we can talk about that in the future.

For now... I have a gift for you! I've come up with a list of 43 possible topics to write an ecourse about. I brainstormed this list for you to have!

Feel free to "steal" these ideas directly, or use them as a springboard for your own creations. One of these ecourse topics may just be the catalyst you need to start making money in your area of expertise, by selling an ecourse online!

43 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Ecourse - Download Now

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