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How to Publish a Health and Wellness Newsletter Using Canva

Do you wonder how you can speed up production of your health and wellness newsletter?

Do you have a vision for your marketing but can't ever seem to catch up and achieve it?

Canva is a brilliant program that you can use on the go to make production of your health and wellness newsletter seamless.

Here are the basics of how to use it:

  1. Get a Canva account (free version offers plenty of perks!)
  2. Select a template to use for your newsletter
  3. Collect content, such as articles, images, products to promote (can be Amazon or other)
  4. Copy and paste the content into the newsletter template.
  5. Edit the content to fit the space.
  6. Proofread for errors.
  7. Input images and links to Amazon or other affiliate products that match the content theme
  8. Add your company bio, news of any events or product promotions you may be running.
  9. Download to your computers as a PDF.
  10. Upload the PDF to your server (such as your blog, your website URL or the email marketing platform you use.
  11. Write an email to your customers introducing them to their free newsletter. Tell them to click the link to download the newsletter to their computer.
  12. Paste the link to your newsletter in.
  13. Set up as an autresponder, or mail out on a specific day.
  14. Repeat for next month!

Want a shortcut? Wordfeeder has got you covered!

Done-for-You Wellness Newsletters! 6-Month Subscription. One Brand-New Canva Template with All Content Inputted, Per Month

Wordfeeder has a brand new, done-for-you content subscription that you're bound to find useful.

Done-for-You Health and Wellness Newsletters Will Save You Hours Each Month While Helping You Connect with Customers and Create Passive Income.

Here's what you'll receive with our done-for-you wellness newsletters:

Ready-to-go content on a topic of interest, such as Immune Boosters for Cold and Flu Season, including...

Sneak peek at the coming topics:

  1. Cold and Flu Immune Boosters RELEASED
  2. Sleep Wellness RELEASED
  3. Everything Essential Oils: Natural Cleaning, Aromatherapy and Skincare Recipes RELEASED
  4. Start Your Yoga Practice
  5. Feel Better... Naturally! (Simple, Everyday Detox Tips)
  6. Improve the Health of Your Skin

Screen Shots of Newsletter 1: on Immune Boosting Tips

Newsletter 2: Sleep Wellness Issue, Screen Shot of Content in Production:

Issue 3 - Essential Oils Cleaning, Skincare and Aromatherapy

Issue 4: Yoga for Beginners


Each newsletter will contain links to Amazon products and images - add your aff ID to create passive income!

There's even space in the back for you to add your own bio and coaching program details:

What can you do with this content?

Order as a 6-month subscription, and save!

These are regularly priced at $84 per newsletter.

Get them delivered one brand-new Canva template per month, for 6 months, at just 11.97 per month!


Great value on done-for-you content with our convenient 6-month subscription.

Order now and save!

Opens up to a new window where you can learn more and order.

Your first newsletter will arrive by email immediately. Log into your Wordfeeder member area to access your template any time, from the top menu. It's under "Canva templates."

Thanks for supporting my freelance business! Cheers to you in yours. :)